My Lifestyle


in a world of Zombies





is shaped from my upbringing, which was very hard and poor.

I do not want to be a citizen only in a small part of the world. I want open borders and be a global citizens.

I have find my freedom, let me stay free in a boundless world.

Living is like ride a bike you have to be in motion to get the balance.

You can't use or control me, not even try, the only thing that will happen is that I go against you and you lose my friendship.

I call them Zombies, the people who don't live thier own life, but have a lot of problems about how other live thiear life.

Zombies demand that everyone must be, think, dress, live and believe exactly the same in order to feel some kind of security. They brainwash you already at school to fit into their world. Those who are different must change, and if they refuse, they'll be placed in hospital, prisons or be killed. For no one may be different. It is in that world we all live. And the paradox is that there are the Zombies that are most afraid of a the Zombie Apocalypse, because they don't see that they are already Zombies in a Zombie world.

Are you a Zombie? Or are you an independent thinking and living person who refuses to adapt to the Zombie Apocalypse who already are here?

The Internet and smart phones are creating Zombies. I am different and proud of it, and I will never ever be a Zombie.

I live according to Buddhism, but not as religion, more like a lifestyle.

I have no definite point, I let the fate lead me and go there where it

feels good at the moment. My home is where my feet are, right now they are somewhere on earth. So I live everywhere and nowhere.

I live only today, not in the past and not in the future, because you can not change the past so it's unnecessary to waste energy on it. And the future, you know nothing about, so it's futile to plan. Everything is changing constantly and nothing will be as planned. Strictly following a plan for the future makes you forget to live today and when your plan is realized you have lost time and you have changed so what you wanted when you set your plan at work that you experience as outdated ideas when you reach the goal.

I eat when I'm hungry, drink when I'm thirsty, sleep when I get tired, work when I need money etc. I don't care that things have to happen at special times, I never stress, everything must take the time it needs . I don't like routines or traditions because they control my life. I never decide an exact time for a meeting, I come when I come and if you can't wait so it's up to you.

I'm thinking never what might happen if I choose a direction to go, I just go so be it as it gets. Sometimes people ask why I chose a special place, but since I never chose, but just ended up where it is impossible to answer. But it also makes life more interesting to suddenly find themselves in a place that you never knew existed, just because you suddenly chose another direction at any crossing. 

Often, my path crosses people who need help. Then I take the time to stop and help them if I feel I have the opportunity. It rarely requires much more than listening and giving advice, giving a fellow human food and clothing, or just holding someone in your hand for a while.

I have no close friends, but many superficial, but I don't need friends, my best friend is myself. Sometimes I meet others with a similar lifestyles, often young people, but also older and sometimes even families where the children go to school at a distance and get a wonderful childhood.

I own nothing but the most important thing, and what I can carry with me, and everything I own has an important function. The number of my things is constant, because they have to fit in my small backpack, sometimes i change something, but then I past away some old thing, I do not want to own more than I need. Why I have a small backpack now is because I bought a computer that I need to bring with me. Before I had no bag at all, only wallet and passport in my pocket. Because everything you need, you can buy where you are, and it const often more to carry with you thing then buy when you need it. Many people think I am rich because I buy what I need wherever I am, but I am not. But I live so cheaply otherwise that I can afford to be comfortable and it is much more comfortable to travel without luggage and more fun to get new thing in new places than to drag garbage around the world.

Sometimes, I rent a room for few month and have that as a base. I prefer to rent a furnished room, but they are more expensive than unfurnished. Sometimes if I stay long time in same place it may be worthwhile to rent unfurnished and buy some used furniture that can be thrown away when I move on. I'm looking for the cheapest accommodation and other things I can find. Sometime I have a postbox as post-address if I move often, but if I stay longer in same place I have my address at home. 

I do not need luxury, and I have no need to do other jealousy. And what's really luxury? If you are rich and can buy what you want, a small hut in the forest can be pure luxury. If people do not like how I live or if my clothes don't have a special brand, they are free to look at something else. And I do not want friends who make demands. 

If I stay longer time in same country, I can buy a cheap vehicles, when I move I take it with me if I can, or sell it.

I do not buy souvenirs or take photographs, for I feel that if I can't remember without looking at a photo or a thing so there is nothing to remember. Also, I don't want to lug around unnecessary gadgets, and to view other is pointless because they can never have the experience of seeing other people's photos, they must experience themselves.

If I have a problem so I'm not upset, I'm looking for a solution to the problem instead. For me, there are no problems, only challenges.

I have always work with what's available where I am, if I need money, but never more than I'm just surviving.

I have lived almost all my life this way, and now I'm old but have no plans for permanent residence. I have tried, but realized that this is my way of living to feel the best and the most freedom.


I do not like money, for they create greed, and I don't like it at all. Whether you have too little or too much money, they create problems. And when it comes to money, there is no middle level.

Sometimes I have been very rich but lost everything in a few seconds because I chose wrong, and sometimes I have been very poor but have won big sums because I chose right. But it's part of the life and just taking on as an experience.

Money is, however, only paper pieces and metal tiles someone gave a value.

But the kilo price on the material is not worth much.

Experiences are the most important and expensive ones, and if you never lose, you never get any experiences.

Many people say that it is not possible to live well with small money. But of course, it depends entirely on how you live and what you prioritize. There are always choices and why choose the expensive option if you can find a cheaper one.

I don't want to get rich, I value freedom more than money and unnecessary ownership, and you can never get both. Wealth can only create a falsehood. I feel comfortable with a simple life and feel better with the poor than the rich. The basis of all values in the world is greed for money.

All forms of abuse, regardless of drugs, sex, relationships, ownership, etc. always require your first attention. As long as you agree to be dependent on something, you will never be completely free.

The Internet has simplified my lifestyle, previously it was harder with banking and authority contacts and other information. Now it's easier, but I'm using the internet very sparingly and I always hide my internet usage carefully, the internet wants to keep track of my position and I do not want to share it. If I use social media so it is only for a short time and for a particular purpose.

I do not like Facebook, Google or other community who live on to control our lifes. But sometime I need use them, but I am careful what I write.

Sometimes people tell me they are not criminals so they do not have to protect themselves. I answer that if you do not protect yourself, someone who are criminals can steal your life and you will also become criminal without knowing it. Only when the police knock on the door will you be aware that someone used your personal data to blame you instead of on their own. And to explain it to the judiciary is in principle impossible.

Authorities want control of your life, so integrity is important. I do not want to be contactable all the time. Authorities require logical perception and consider you to be criminal if you protect your privacy and live an illogical life for them.

I know, I've experienced it

But when you always live spontaneously right now, life makes it illogical. A lie is created by planning and will therefore be logical and likely. Therefore, the legal system does not work.

Those who decide your destiny are people like yourself, but who read some books more than you and are therefore considered to have the right to decide your destiny. And the laws they refer to are often obsolete and illogical in themselves. If the laws are to be taken seriously, they need to be updated and renewed every year so that they follow on time.

The world would work better without all these laws and control needs. I only follow one law/rules which houses all other laws around the world. Imagine a little extra on this line of text, and you will soon see that it includes everything in all other laws in all countries on earth. If you think I'm wrong, feel free to discuss this with me, too send a email.


Never, in any way harm any other living or dead existence on Earth.


I have never understood why people follow mad leaders, a leader is never stronger than the greed of the people who follow


People prefer to live in misery and confine themselves to lamenting themselves quietly while they are slowly dying of starvation, rather than dying in a struggle for freedom, I feel that this type of people has no right to complain.

And I don't understand why we at all need leaders, I am Anarchist and that is what all leaders all over the world is most afraid for, because if all people want Anarchy we don't need any leaders anymore. 

Anarchy does not mean that the people can do what they want, but it means we do not have leaders who do what they want.

    Do you feel like me, that you are lost in this world?

    Do not judge people of the first impression.

    Genitals do not define gender

    IQ does not define intelligence

    Semen does not define child

    Physics does not define fitness

    Age does not define maturity

    Good economy does not define generosity

    Money does not define wealth

    Ownership does not define happiness

    Etc. This list can be much longer.

    Listening gives you knowledge but self-sufficiency gives you loneliness.

    Humor creates life joy. Do not take life too seriously, you can see something fun in everything.

    I have a lot of humor and usually I can laugh at everything. But I am also a person with principles and no one laughs at pure person attacks, neither me nor the people who attack.

    If your mind is open for everything, you will gett 100% of your life, instead for 50% as most of the people accept.

    And why be satisfied with 50% of the already short life we have, just because we are locked in obsolete thinking?

    Listening to what others want creates fear and shame. Thinking yourself what you want creates courage and freedom.

    Don't be afraid to try new ideas, everything doesn t have to be like always. If it doesn't work, you can return to old or try something else, but you have tried and get experience.

    Dare to go beyond the borders you were raised to stay inside.

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