When you live like me, it's important to have a big open mind for everything.

Do not judge people of the first impression.

Genitals do not define gender

IQ does not define intelligence

Semen does not define child

Physics does not define fitness

Age does not define maturity

Good economy does not define generosity

Money does not define wealth

Ownership does not define happiness

Etc. This list can be much longer.

Listening gives you knowledge but self-sufficiency gives you loneliness.

Humor creates life joy. Do not take life too seriously, you can see something fun in everything.

If your mind is open for everything, you will gett 100% of your life, instead for 50% as most of the people accept.

And why be satisfied with 50% of the already short life we have, just because we are locked in obsolete thinking?

Listening to what others want creates fear and shame. Thinking yourself what you want creates courage and freedom.

Don't be afraid to try new ideas, everything doesn't have to be as always. Dare to go beyond the limits you were raised to stay within.

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