Here are links to the explanation of Asperger syndrome in general. So you can understand me if I seem strange at times. But also to see if your child has Autism or Asperger, so you can give them therapy early. You born with it and there is no medicine for it, if you have it so you have to live with it and try to make the best of the situation. But you can train young children so they learn to adapt to other people and can thus make it a little easier to understand the world around them. And you may think you have Asperger yourself, since 2-4 out of 1000 people have some form of autism, most boys, without knowing it.

But it's not dangerous, on the contrary, people with Asperger's are smart and actionable. Both Bill Gates, Microsoft and Steve Jobs, Macintosh have Asperger, without them, no smartphone.

And I wouldn't want to be without my Asperger. 

Or watch a movie describing Autism / Asperger

Autism/Asperger, this is it, in English.

It is people with Autism/Asperger who have create the world you live in today.

And yet many people look down on us.


Thing who is good to know about us.

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