Environmental threat


Greed for money is the biggest environmental threat.

I do not believe in another form of the environmental threat.

My opinion is that what comes from the earth cannot destroy the earth no matter how man changes it, because it is still part of the earth.
It is like saying that if you are an addict and die, nature is destroyed when you are buried in the earth. It is not so, man is part of the earth and becomes part of the earth when we are dead.
You cannot remove some and think that it is gone, it is there and is part of the world, no matter how we turn and twist it.

The day it comes an UFO and adds a little poison that does not come out of the world, we can start to worry.

And if it is now that researchers should be right in all likelihood, then in the earth's life cycle, then the industry and the "dangerous" emissions have been around 200 years of what? Many billion years, and that the earth would die of whatever is part of the earth is ridiculous.

On the other hand, people's ability to live on earth can be limited, but you or me or the next 1000 generations do not care that it takes time to boil the climate so much that it becomes impossible for man to live.

If it would destroy the Earth for many billion years in just 200 years and not even because it was only in the last 30 years that they screamed about the environmental problems, it would be strange that there are currently too many people who have nothing to do do and must shout out his anxiety over loneliness by scaring all people for something they do not understand.

Earth has a life cycle just like everyone else, sometimes it's hot, sometimes we have ice, sometimes water flows across all boards, sometimes volcanic eruptions burn and an ash covers all over the world, but whatever happens the earth don't dies for everything which happens here comes from the ground and will be on earth.

But I hope human die one day so it can become a smarter race that becomes the Lord of the Earth, because man was a bad idea. And it will also do, there have been many species on Earth that are extinct now and more species will die out, and new ones will come.

The earth is like me, it's constantly changing and the best thing is to just follow with around.

But the man is fun in the sense that it must have a profit in everything it does, nothing can be done without getting anything on it. Therefore, you create a lot of shit to change something else, and then they continue until they die, and then others take on. And they can not change anything, they can scream, some call it demonstration and some for research, but whatever they are about to change something you think is worth more, usually pieces of paper or metal pieces, and they're very happy and sit at home and count their paper and metal pieces for about 70 years, they die and become part of the world again, and paper and metal is no longer worth anything when it's no longer available.

The world is crazy.

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