Sex and relationship


I very much distinguish between different forms of relationships, against the majority of people that can only see a form of relationship. But if you do not have the ability to divide relationships into small pieces, then fear, prejudice and hatred are automatically created. It is in circumstances where the parties can only see a form of relationship that problems and arbitration arise.

Sex relationship 

A relationship that is only about sex

For me, a hug is not about sex. Sex for me is to touch and affect the body's private parts.

I have not much sex, even if I like it, but because to me is love and sex different things that should not be mixed together, and I prefer love before sex. But if I have sex it is of course only protected sex, I will never accept unprotected sex. I prefer open near friends relationship, preferably with several. I do not have any problems with demandless sex with friends. I do not understand jealousy because you can not own other people and freedom in all forms is very important to me. If you lock someone in, he will do all he can to escape. But if you give freedom, there's no need to escape so he's staying forever.

I'm not dependent on a certain gender or age, it is up to how people are, but of course they have to be legal in that country I am in, but the legal age is different all over the world. All people are possible for love and all legal people for sex too.

I'm not locked in that sex has to happen in a bedroom and that the actual intercourse must be done in the usual way or with only two together. I'm open to everything. Although I prefer younger people than myself, because they make me younger too. And because I myself is very young for my age so I feel best with younger people. And if it is only a one night stand, it is only the outside that is interesting.

Even the most devoted atteists become very religious and often refer to the Bible, they never have read, as soon as it spoke about homosexuality. But for me, a body is a body no matter how it is created, if the hole is on the front or back it does not matter as long as the person wearing it is nice and soft to hug, and wants himself.

Love relationship

A relationship that is only based on love can have many faces. For example, this may be a relationship with an animal, a child, another adult, a thing, a country, a car etc. This form of relationship does not work with people who think that one must have sex in all relationships.

So in a love affair, nothing else matters but that we thrive together. Although this is very close to an ordinary friendship, but there is a big difference. You can love a friend too, but it's not a relationship. Friends are there no matter where in the world you are, while a love relationship is a relationship where you live together but built on love without sex.

I'm more interested in intelligence, maturity and personality than anything else, but that have nothing to do with age. I have see many mature adolescents and many immature adults. And I like people who working and want to live independent of other. And sex is a very small part of a relationship, even if you have sex every day, most of the time is without sex. And it is the time that is important that it works in a relationship.

A sex and love relationship

I can have a solid relationship with the right person, but prefer open relationship, partly because I am very flirtatious and because I do not understand jealousy. My partner must accept and respect my way of life, I will not change my lifestyle, and best is if we both have a similar lifestyle. But it is a matter of course to share the common costs if we live together. I have had long and good relationship before, only build on love and independent.

Paid Love

If you make money for love, it's prostitution and if I have to pay a prostitute or escort, he / she will be extremely perfect in every way. And a long relationship is not to think, paid love requires variation. And paid love is not only when you sell sex on a street or at bars but also when you use your partner to get money without having to work, just because you are together.

Most I've been to in the past have been more escort than prostitutes. The difference is small, prostitutes sell love while the escort sells friendship. The eskort rarely wants sex, just easy-earned money. But a relationship without sex is not an option, if I have to pay.

As you understood after reading this text, those who want a relationship with me must be independent and open minded and free from prejudices, taboos and jealousy and if we have sex they also need to be legal.

If after a while I feel that there is more money than love that is interesting to my partner, I will cut all bands within seconds, the same as I do with prostitutes and escorts.

When I now live in a Zombie world, I have to adapt to their weird rules, and in a relationship we have to be able to do things together and discuss at the same level, and he/she must have his own income. In a relationship with someone without income, it becomes a father-daughter/son relationship only tied to sex behind locked doors, and that is totally uninteresting to me. And for exemple, in most countries you have to be 18 years old to have a beer together at a restaurant, so to be able to do other than just being at home and having sex, you need to be over 18 years.

I know that the tradition in many countrys is that the man or foreigner should "take care of" a partner and her/his family. But I'm neither bound to traditions nor particularly desperate. To me it is obvious that all people take care of themselves, and for those who fail to do so, they should turn to authorities or homes for people with intellectual disabilities. I'm neither a bank, a lending institution nor a social office and I like strong people who are proud to be independent. I can help others sometimes if I want and have the opportunity, but never after cheating or begging. I let no one use me and I never use others.

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