Driving motorcycle


 It is important to protect yourself and the environment as much as possible.

I am highly trained driver and has a driving licence for all kinds of vehicles.

I've been working as a driver for 36 years, mostly in special transport and

dangerous cargo over the world. I have also driven a lot of motorcycle

throughout Europe and now in Southeast Asia.

I know what I talking about.

Driving motorbike / motorcycle in Thailand.

Especially here in Thailand I often see motorcycle drivers driving in thin short trousers, t-shirt and with the helmet on the package holder.

I know the reason why you don't have the helmet on your head, where it belongs. The only reason you have the helmet on your head is to avoid a fine. When there are no police officers nearby, you take off your helmet. This procedure is completely incomprehensible to me, if you still have the helmet with you, why not have it on your head then, for your own safety.

And often you see the driver with helmet, but the passengers are without a helmet. Even their own children travel as passengers without wearing a helmet. It must mean that you care more about your own safety than about the safety of your children. 

If I had children who would go with me, they would primarily get the helmet if I only have one helmet. But everyone should have a helmet that is adapted to their own head.

When driving a car, you automatically put on your seat belt, and often tell your children to wear the seat belt. But it is much more dangerous to travel on a motorcycle. And you should wear long trousers and a jacket too, they protect more than just having the skin on the tarmac.

When I point this out to my Thai friends, they say this is Thailand, so we do here.

Yes, of course it is Thailand, and people don't do the same all over the world. But people are built equally across the globe, and it hurts for all people to burn bare skin to asphalt, or to crack their heads when it hits the street. And all people all over the world can die just as easily if they don't protect themselves.

The big difference between Thailand and Europe is that here you have to pay the health service yourself if you do not have insurance, and if you cannot afford to buy helmets for your children then it is unlikely that you can afford to buy insurance either.

Which should mean an obvious reason to protect yourself as much as possible.

Certainly, it becomes warm with protective clothing, but rather I sweat than spend my future in a wheelchair or in a cemetery.


Driving a motorcycle in a group is both fascinating and fun, but it is definitely not harmless. It is therefore important that we follow a few simple rules for both our own and others' safety.

The first MC is at the far r at the center line, and then the zig-zag formation is formed. Keep that formation even in curves. Don't bother with the curves. This provides a better field of view and a longer available braking distance. When you are going to fill your "row" it is always done from behind.

Exaggerate your location in the formation slightly. Then there will never be any doubt if you are right or left MC. The distance between the bikes is determined by the speed and of course the road conditions. It usually fits with 1second between the bikes ie. about 15 m at 60 km / h. Keep even distance between motorcycles. Show consideration for those behind you in the colon. If you alternately decrease and increase the speed, it becomes very difficult for those who are further back in the colon.

In order for the colon to stick together as well as possible, it is advisable to make overtaking within the colon if someone runs too slowly to avoid gaps in the colon. Use flashers or signal with your hand as you drive inside the colon. When stopping at a crossroads or the like, the right MC goes up beside the left. This makes the colon shorter so you get a better overview and that you get faster across the intersection.

At the front of the colon, our signpost runs. This MC keeps steady speed and keeps the speed limit. If you are above with colon driving, you should be as far behind as possible. Then you have a greater opportunity to study how the front is doing. If the colon has to stay for some reason, stop the sign (stretch your hand) here and be so everyone becomes aware that the colon stops. When the colon does overtaking, the left MC goes out behind the right MC so that the colon becomes a long line.

If the colon gets into a passing car in the middle, great care must be taken. Make it easier for the car driver to drive over, by leaving the right MC behind the left MC so that the colon stays on the left side of the road. When the car is running, increase the distance to the front MC temporarily, so that the overtaking car is able to hold to the left at a possible meeting. A sign to the driver that he can drive if you are appreciated and it shows that you are using your rear-view mirror and are awake in traffic.

For those who do not thrive in colon driving or think it goes too fast or
Too slow I recommend running free driving before or after
the colon at its own pace so everyone is satisfied and the column run works so good as possible.

And to all foreigners

who driving a motorcycle in Thailand. Learn the traffic rules and follow them. Why do you think the rules do not apply to you, or that they are the same rules as in your home country. All countries have their own traffic rules, sometimes they are similar, but the majority are special for the country you are driving in. In your home country you would never drive drunk, but here in Thailand you do it. Do you think it's easier to drive in a country where you couldn't learn the traffic rules?

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