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We want all members show that we are the professionals in the traffic so other look up to us. 


I am highly educated in transportation 

I'm a professional driver and have a license to drive all types of vehicles.

I've been driving in work for 36 years and private in 41 years in most of the world. I have a lot of experience and I have seen many accidents. And my experience has made me very careful in the traffic. It does not matter how much experience you have, or how good you yourself drive, there are always others out there on the roads that should not drive at all. They are the dangerous ones, and they are the ones we must protect ourselves from, and that can we do if we know what we and others do on the road.

I drive a motorcycle here in Thailand, and this is my way to drive:

I never ever let the concentration out of the way in front of me in particular and other traffic in general. My phone is turned off in my pocket. The few times I use it while driving is for navigation. Then the "do not disturb" function is always switched on and I have an earpiece in the ear for oral navigation, I never look at the map while driving. If I have to see the map, then I stop. People who call me get a automatic sms back who say:  

Sorry, I driving and can not answer, I call you later.

When I make a right turn on a busy road that does not have special turn files, I always go out the far left and stop there to wait for a big enough gap to make my right turn. It takes some time to do so, but I do not have to rush to the funeral, so it may take some time.

If something happens in front or back of me that worries me, then I stop and wait until it feels safe again. 

Maybe you think it's crazy, especially because I'm an experienced driver. But it is just because I am a professional driver I have respect for the traffic.

And it is better to look crazy then to die.

I never hurry in traffic. Driving requires patience and planning. And if I am late, it is just because I were planning badly. I always count with breaks, any kind of problems, etc. It is better come too soon or late, then stress to get precise in the right time. If I am late I  call people and tell them, but of course, I always stop and call.

"It is little problem in the trafic, I be little late" .

If people don't accept it, it is not my problem.

If I get drowsy then I stay for a while, there are many good resting places in Thailand and drowsiness can be remedied with something to eat or drink, and 10 minutes sleep can do wonders. If I don't find a rest place I stay where I can, because sleep comes suddenly, you don't know when it s happening. Suddenly, the body just shuts off. That's why I am staying as soon as I start feeling drowsy. I'm gonna have more time to find a good place.

I drive 100 km, sometime less but never more betveen a paus. Mostly I stop around 30 minutes for toalet, food (but never much food, to much food make you tired), only little, like a bit choclate, fruit, a sandwich, and best is to drink water.

I'll never be angry with other road users, in your anger you lose control and do stupid things yourself. It's better to let it go and keep on calmly and professionally.

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