Child labour


in a world of Zombies





I myself grew up on the street and in sewage-tunnels under my hometown, along with rats and addicts. It was a hard life in misery

but it made me mentally very strong. I know what it's like to go hungry for days before finding any discarded food to eat. I rarely ate fresh food cooked for me and few adults helped me with anything other than giving a few coins to get sex and if I say no I don't want, then they hit me to I say ok I can do it. And I don't call that to help. Help is to give without demanding something back, it applies to everyone but especially if you help a child.

It is good if you have the happiness of being born into a family that loves you because you are you. Unfortunately, it is not so commonplace. Most parents love their children because they feel they own them. And for them to get some return on their parenting, such as grandchildren, a secure old age, or guided the children to live the life that you could not live by different circumstances etc.

I feel more sorrow to those born in this world than to those who die.

If the children have the trouble to end up with parents with ownership, they will be owned by their parents life out, without the opportunity to live their own lives.

You can not own another person, you can give life to someone and you can take care of the child until they manage and a good parent teaches the children to take care of themselves as quickly as possible so that the child is able to live his own life longer than if it is bound by selfish parents.

An egoist parent who believes that he owns his child deprives the child of his life, which causes the parent to have two lives while the child has no life at all.

Everybody needs freedom, including children. And to check every step one's child takes is to deprive the child of his freedom.

Likewise, children, like adults, need to take care of their privacy, to constantly control their children's lives, to deprive them of their integrity.

And parents who have a ready plan for the future of their children destroy the child's right to a life of their own. It is more or less a criminal act to control someone else's life because of ownership and self-sustained growth.

Children who quickly break with their parents' control needs and ownership demands greater opportunities for a long happy and independent life.

Trust your children, they will do well. And if they do not, you'll be like a parachute, but only to help with advice and guidance on your own experiences. Not to control the child in the direction you lost when you were a child.

No matter what lifestyle the child chooses, it's the child's choice, not yours. The child can not live about your life as you missed because your parents did not let you live your own life.

Your task as a parent is to teach the child the only law that is important 

"Never harm any other existence on earth. Neither physically nor mentally." 

And encourage them to think independently, to solve tasks and problems themselves, thus gaining their own experiences. Without your own experience, you can not get in this world. No one can survive solely with the experiences of others.

Experiences are the most expensive ones and sometimes they hurt, both physically and mentally, but they are worthy of them without them being able to manage for a long time. And the best time to experience is with understanding parents who let the children live their own lives already when they are small.

For example, when parents, break down when the children are homosexuals, only the parents' selfishness and their reluctance to give the child the freedom to live the life they choose.

Instead of being happy that their child has the strength to dare to live their lives so that it suits them best. These children should, as soon as possible, leave their parents to get the right to their own lives.

Referring to religion to show that homosexuality is wrong is more wrong than sexuality itself. The parents who do it just show up their own fear of where they will live when they no longer exist. And many of them have never opened the Bible.

Especially as many religions not only accept but also encourage homosexuality by prohibiting female proximity, this is common in the Catholic Church, Islam and Buddhism. They simply do not live up to their own beliefs because of their own lusts and desire.

Some try to refer to what's normal. But what's really normal? Is it normal to kill innocent people in war in the name of God? Is it normal to prevent their own children from living their lives as they wish? Is it normal to ruin the soil with garbage and emissions due to demand for money? Is it normal to live in luxury and abundance while the neighbors starving?

Normally, the norm is the average, so if the majority prefer to have sex with dogs then it will be normal and living a sex standard life as people do now, will be abnormal.

Some say that "think about" everyone becomes gay, then the human will die out. Certainly, perhaps it would be the best for the earth, but it does not happen because everyone is never gay. And if that happens, there is nothing that prevents homosexuals from giving birth to children.

Personally, I think that those who scream at the highest are those who are most interested in same sex, but they do not dare because of the oppression of the environment, and when they themselves can not live their lusts, they get angry with all who really dare. And why would others decide who I want to love? Just because they do not dare.

Personally, I do not care about gender, laws or other people's references to what they themselves or their religion consider to be right or wrong. I love people and prefer people who love me. Who it is, gender, appearance, nationality, age, belief, or anything else is uninteresting. The interesting thing is that two people found and love each other. Just being interested in the opposite sex of the same age as yourself makes you lose 50% of life and I am not interested to give away 50% of my life to people who want to decide how they want I think and how I should live.

What is right for one is wrong for another and vice versa. Nobody can be completely satisfied with what's right and wrong. Imagine yourself and do what you think you want to do, during your life, it's only you who decide how to live your life, no parents, government, religious groups, laws, friends or anyone else will interfere.

And why is it so important for haunted housewives to try to change the living conditions of other countries to match those they have in their own countries?

For example, child workers, I would be very happy if children could go to school and not have to work. But living conditions in poor countries make children work to survive and afford to go to school. But rich, dry housewives in rich countries start thinking about drinking wine and enjoying in an abundance of food. They believe that children in poor countries should have the same opportunities as their own children have. So what happens when they come through their will? Children in poor countries can not afford to go to school anymore and families are getting even poorer without the opportunity for a better future life with educated children. The wealthy haunted housewives donate little money to organizations that help the children, but it's only a fraction that reaches the children, and only the children in the organization, for the organizations that cost money to run and the children who can not participate in the organization will be forgotten. But they are prevented from working and going to school.

But the fact is that child labour is a matter of course even in the countries which today are considered to be rich, for example, it is often children who distributes newspapers or flyers, and sell cakes and lottery tickets for a school trip. That is for some odd reason ok, but working to afford to eat or go to school is not ok.

Their parents say it is good that they can earn some own pocket money. But why is it better to earn your own pocket money that goes to candies and toys, than to earn money to survive?

Instead of preventing children from working, there should be more energy on making better working conditions and wages.

Children in poor countries grow up early, while in rich countries they are considered to be children up to the age of 30.

But the fact is that child labor is not even a matter of course even in those countries that today are considered rich.

But naturally, children are children until puberty, then they are adults. It's only the last 30 years that this has changed in the rich countrys. In most of the countries of the world it is still so that you are adult after the puberty, but money and prosperity destroy human life's natural life cycle and create more poverty for the poor and with the decadence of the rich.

And it is the need for money that makes these decadent housewives get their way through, because leaders in poor countries want money in their own pocket and agree to put out insane laws in accordance with decadent housewives in rich countries to fill their pockets with metal plates and pieces of paper at the expense of the future of the poor children.

Human rights apply to everyone, but they are written by rich people in rich countries. There should be a point that it is a human right to work to survive, regardless of age and gender.

These poor children who are now denied working will instead engage in begging and crime.

But the rich housewives do not care while sitting in the leather sofa and drinking wine and eating shrimp. Possibly they may be scared when crime has suddenly increased in the countries they travel to because it is cheap and they feel anxious when they read about youth gangs that rob tourists. But they see no connection to the fact that they themselves have been involved in creating this crime.

People in rich countries cannot and must not assume that everyone should have the same rights as themselves.

Sometime it feel that the rich people around the world want make poor children more poor, so the children be more desperate to get money to survive, and then people from rich country easy can buy children for sex. And that is very bad to do. I hope that only are a feeling about how rich people sometime maybe thinking.

If they want to help these children, they should go to authorities and companies in each country and influence them to give the children good care, good working conditions and good wages. Just banning and being content with it is the same as abusing children remotely.

Allan Clelland Goddard (Street Children)

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