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Money always creates problems, whether you have them or not. What would you choose, money or real friends? Getting both is an impossibility, the more money you have, the fewer real friends you have.

Money also comes with anxiety. But what is money really? It's metal bits and pieces of paper someone once a long time ago put a value on. You can value something yourself, and you'll see that people with ownership needs wants it. 

I have valueed my freedom, and it is too expensive for anyone on earth to buy.

If you have too little to meet your wishes, you are worried about using the money you have for something more important.

Why buy a house with too many rooms when you can only be in one room at a time?

Why buy a new expensive car, when an old cheap can do the same, move from one place to another. No vehicle can do more than that, everything else is just to show others that you have more money than you need, or you have big loans, which nothing gives freedom.

Everything you own and can not be without always requires your full attention first of all. If you want to travel then you must first ensure that your belongings are secured. If your house is burning or you get burglary while traveling, you must cancel your trip to take care of your things. In other words, you do not own things, it's the things that own you.

An abundance of money never creates happiness, so the rich try to buy happiness with belongings and to change themselves with beauty operations. But these bring more risks than beauty, the most beautiful man is the most natural and the happiest is the one who own nothing. Money is good for survival and a buffer is good for the unforeseen, but abundance is never good of anything.

And with more money than you need to survive you can never be free, you will always be worried about losing your money, and much want more. You spend more time than you are available to earn more money than you need and maybe you borrow money to buy things you do not need to boast for people you do not like.

These people do not care, the only one who has to care and work more and more too pay your expensive life is yourself.

You work because you think money gives freedom, but suddenly one day it's late to get your freedom, you're too old to enjoy your freedom or you die because you worked too much. And you can not take your things after death.

The only thing that happens is that your family thinks they are free to inherit you, but all they get is trouble, discord and greed. Freedom they get the day they realize that money can never create freedom, they can give them to those who really need them. That is the price of freedom.

And when you work hard so that you can fulfill your wish strings, the most important longing disappears. But it's soon back for what you managed to buy, not as fun as the expectation you built while saving money, so much soon you start looking for something else.

If you have too much money you are always worried about losing them. And you never have to experience the longing.

It's not the goal that's important, it's longing for you. And since the target rarely exceeds expectations, it's the longing in itself that's important. And longing is free.

Longing for freedom, many possessions are the wrong way, possessions imprison you and always require first hand attention from the owner. You can not do anything without first securing your belongings. And you're imprisoned to always earn more money to keep your belongings.

It's not the best possessions that matter, but it's the least cost.

Small expenses and few possessions create freedom. You do not have to work around the clock to pay all things you do not care about, most people want a lot of possessions to show how rich they are for people they really do not like.

And what about vacationing if you still can not enjoy it because of concerns about things you bought for excessive costs, maybe even borrowed money so you're stuck in a lifelong installment for something you only have a short time, Because no property is permanent, but loans will remain alive until you die.

War is created due to the demand for money

Card purchases in all its forms.

Handling with debit cards or credit cards is easy, but you have also waived the integrity. It's hard to get cash today's world without a card, but if you do everything you can to maintain your integrity, it's a card to only withdraw money from ATM the best option. And to protect their money in the event of skimming, internet banking is a good option, use the internet for good things for you, not play and unsafe surfing. Have at least two accounts on the bank, one that has no card attached and one where your ATM card is connected. Save the money to the cardless account and when you need money transfer you the money you want to withdraw into the card account. Should the card be skimmed or stolen, you still have your money left.

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