My own life


in a world of Zombies


This is a very short summary of my life, where I describe how my upbringing was and how shamefully my parents (especially my mother) thought it was with a different son. I will not tell you all about my life here, although this is the only place you can read the right. Maybe, if I get the power to go through all my life's shit in my mind again, maybe it will be a more detailed book. I have already written many hundreds pages and I have anyway not yet come so long, so it will be a thick book if I decide to publish it, and I'm not sure about it. But I know that many old customers and their families do not want publicity, even though it is about 50 years old information. I do not write anything that I cannot prove and I update the text as I remember when I find documents that can prove the text. I show no evidence for curious individuals, but can do so to the authorities if it becomes relevant in a dispute. But they already have the documents, because some of the documents I have ordered from them, because I need them if I decide to write a book. Therefore, the text may change a little at sometime.

Some private person will try get the document from the authorities, and of course are you free to try. But you need three important components to succeed, it is about what country I was, what identity I use, and do you have money enough to buy information in countries without general transparency. But you're obviously free to try. I'm just asking for one thing, if you find something pleace publish nothing without my participation.

My lifestyle has been shaped by my upbringing

During my first five years of my life, I was locked in a small room without windows in my biological parents' house, the few times I had to come out was for shower, the early diaper prey, and later I have a potty in my room but I need to empty it myself in the toilet. The food I got in my room. My mother told me that I was protected for not being harmed because I was different, but I understand early that my mother shame of having a different child, when I was 4 years I get the diagnosis Autism, but if the diagnosis of Asperger had been at that time, I would probably have been diagnosed as a lighter form of Asperger.

When I was five year old my parents and siblings died in a car accident, I also was in the car but I survive with severe pelvic injuries.

No one of my relatives wanted a disabled child to take care, so I was placed in a orphanage where I became both mentally and physically beaten by people who did not understand me after a long time on hospital after the accident. 

On the orphanage i be rapeed and run away little before I should be six years old. I walk from the orphanage in the late winter in forests and across fields, I remember it was very cold, because I didn't have warm clothes on me. I avoided places where there were other people for fear of being driven back to the orphanage. I got pushed once because I stomped my foot when I ran across the road and a man stopped and took me with him. He took advantage of me for three weeks before I managed to escape from him, then I had turned six years old. The walk from the orphanage to the capital city was almost 700 km and for a five years old boy who only run and walk into the wood it took about three months, but because I got stuck with a man who took advantage of me, it took almost four months before I came to the capital.

In the capital I lived in misery under the ground in sewage tunnels under the city and on the street, together with other children and adults in the same situation. Then my life was lined with violence, abuse, begging, prostitution and crime. And that I survived and even coped very well, was very likely due to my particular form of Asperger's Syndrome.

After my tenth year in life it became a little better, I got a family that took care of me, It was a Thai family who had a company in my city, that helped me with food and I had to sleep in their storage. But it was a bit too late. I had allready learned to appreciate the freedom of coping with myself. My new family understood me and let me be independent, they were there when I needed them, but otherwise they did not put themselves in my life. I was ten years when I first time came to Thailand, I was placed in school in Bangkok but because of language problems I ended up after 11 months and moved back to my home country where I never have go in school. My biological brother taught me to speak, read and write when I was around four years, but I never learn me as kids in school do. 

From I was six years to I was twenty years, I served very well on prostitution and escort, it was not illegal but anyway not easy to find professional prostitute children in good condition, most were worn and used drugs, I tried to stay in good condition and relinquished heavier drugs than cigarettes, because I realized I could get more money then. I preferred escort in front of prostitution (escort sells friendship include sex sometime, but prostitutes sell only sex) it gave more money and I followed with customers on travel, theater, concerts and a lot of other fun. Sure we had sex, but it was the opportunity to take care of and show off a cute boy who was decisive, and many old men pay a lot to get that. 

When I was fifteen years, my Thai family adopted me because they should move back to Thailand after almost 50 years in my homecountry, and they want give me the opportunity to become a Thai citizen, but I abstained because my homeland's citizenship gives more opportunities to travel and traveling have always be a big part of my life. After they moved back, I only had a little contact with them until they died, my Thai siblings I have some contact with sometimes, but they still live in my home country and enjoy well there.

Before they move back, my adoptive father give me advice and help to start a private fund when I decided not to become a Thai citizen, I called the fund "daddy", and from that I could charge up to $ 2000 the third week of each month, because it could look like a salary, if I needed a little extra. 50% of all my income went directly to daddy, and the bank placed the money so they grew. With my fund daddy's help I bought homes around the world when I needed something private, and when I sold, the money went back to daddy. Sometime I start a company with help from daddy. But I rarely used it for other thing before I was older. When I was without money I told my friends that I should contact my daddy, he is rich, and that was my fund. Many in my neighborhood wanted to meet my daddy, but I always wandered out of it. I bought an old customer who became a father to me for the occasions I must have a parent, and he was the target when people searched for my origin  When my bought father died, I stopped telling people about daddy. It died with my "father" and with that I had to pretend to be poor, but daddy lives on, it does not grow as fast as when I worked, but with the bank's help with placements it will exist as long as I live. But now I have pension and try live only on that, because I do not want use daddy, that is for security if I be sick for a long time, not to use for everyday life. And when I die, it turns into helping street children around the world.

Often I filmed with a hidden S8 camera intercourse to be able to extort my customers. I also managed to get part of the customers legacy in will because the men's families would not know about their interest in children after they died. Many of them was married and had own children. This led to my "daddy" fund increasing rapidly. My clients were politicians, policemen and others with high positions, it was rarely I had "ordinary people" because they couldn't afford me. But it was a dangerous job and when I tried to extort "wrong" person I had to flee from my home country. And it was the start of a fluttering between different countries where I worked my way of prostitution, escort and other criminal activities. I also had other boys who worked for me as escort.

When I was nineteen years old I came back to my home country and then I was taken in for military service from the border, something I completely forgot was obligatory from eighteen at that time. But for me it was good years, because I got away from my old messy life and could start again when I was done there. In the military I stay for 8 years, I served first on a ship and was trained as mate and aftter I served in the Air Defense as helicopter pilot after 2 year in pilot school.

When HIV came 1982 I was sure I had it because of my life before. I did lots of tests at different doctors but for some strange reason I didn't get that disease. But from that time on I have always protected myself in sex.

I took a driving license in Germany when I was eighteen years and change it to my homecountry lisence after militaryservice when I also took driverlisence for bigger vehicle and started driving lorries, later also taxi and bus. It worked out very well for me because I was traveling all the time. But since I had daddy as a buffer, I just worked into what I needed for the next month, it used to be two weeks of work and two weeks off. I got the idea to take all the certificates that could be taken. After the military I working a few month as mate on a container ship and a year as sea-plane pilote, but then I got tired and decided that neither air nor water was my thing, but I focused entirely on land transport. This meant that I lost my certificates for ships and flights two year later. Instead, I took a license for trucks, cranes, embassy vehicles, special transports and DGR. 

My interest in transport of all kinds and because I saw dangerous assignments as a challenge I quickly became popular with employers around the world and I became more focused on only taking special transport assignments, who gave more money for a short assignment and I could be more free.

I have driven trucks all over Europe, a bit in Asia and Russia. in warriors countries, in mines and on narrow, almost impossible roads in the mountains, I have driven tourist bus throughout Europe, city buses and coaches and taxis, I have worked as a private driver at an embassy and I have driven very many own vehicles, cars and motorcycles.

In 1992, I hurt my back in an accident and couldn't continue driving lorries because it meant heavy lifting sometimes, taxi I was tired of so I drove a little bus sometimes, mostly because it was fun.

And now I am old and tired of work, I live right now in Southeast Asia, but it can change spontaneously and suddenly. If I want to travel, I will leave everything and go on. My muscular, well - trained body has gotten a beer stomach and hang boobs, but I don't care about it. Anyone who doesn't like to look at my body is free to see any other way. I am old, what to expect. I drive a motorcycle and I live as I always have do, a simple and cheap life, and as always I prefer poor areas, and I move often, but now it be not much sex. I am litte tired of that, it be if I find a young guy who love me because I am me, not because of money, and that will never happens, I think.

I have managed to stay out of prisons, I'm too smart to let the police take me haha, but was punished for something I did not have do when I was older. I was conditionally convicted for something I was innocent of and because I didn't expect it, so I can't get away from the police in time. But thought that if they knew my real identity and the limitation time did not expire then the punishment had become much harder, so I accept it. But I have changed identity several times to hide from those I extorted when I was a child, but now most of them anyway are dead already. 

In any case, my life has been messy from the beginning, but I would not change lives if I had the opportunity. What I got out of life is a huge experiencebank, money so I can live well for the rest of my life, but I enjoy being the best to live simple. And now I don't have to do anything and it suits me perfectly. I live only from my pension, daddy is a buffer that I only use if I be sick

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