My Lifestyle


in a world of Zombies

Don't try to control me




My lifestyle and my thoughts

Is shaped from my upbringing, which was very hard and poor.

I myself grew up on the street and in sewage-tunnels under my hometown, along with rats and addicts. It was a hard life in misery

but it made me mentally very strong. I know what it's like to go hungry for days before finding any discarded food to eat. I rarely ate fresh food cooked for me and few adults helped me with anything other than giving a few coins to get sex and if I say, no I don't want, then they hit me to I say, ok I can do it. 

And I don't call that to help. Help is to give without demanding something back, it applies to everyone but especially if you help a child.

My thoughts about:   MONEY  -  CONTROL  -  OPEN MIND  -  CHILD LABOUR  -  MY OWN LIFE

I have find my freedom, let me stay free in a boundless world.

Living is like ride a bike you have to be in motion to get the balance.

You can't use or control me, not even try, the only thing that will happen is that I go against you and you lose my friendship.

I call them Zombies, the people who don't live thier own life, but have a lot of problems about how other live thiear life.

Zombies require everyone to be, think, dress, live and believe exactly the same to feel any kind of security. They are already brainwashing you at school to fit into their world. Those who are different must change, and if they refuse, they will be placed in hospitals, prisons or killed. For no one can be different. It is in the world we all live. And the paradox is that it is the Zombies who are most afraid of a Zombie Apocalypse, because they do not see that they are already Zombies in a zombie world.

Are you a zombie? Or are you an independent thinking and living person who refuses to adapt to the Zombie Apocalypse that is already here?

The Internet and smart phones are creating Zombies. I am different and proud of it, and I will never ever be a Zombie.

You can - Go your - Own way

I live according to Buddhism, but not as religion, more like a lifestyle.

I have no definite point, I let the fate lead me and go there where it

feels good at the moment. My home is where my feet are, right now they are somewhere on earth. So I live everywhere and nowhere.

I live only today, not in the past and not in the future, because you can not change the past so it's unnecessary to waste energy on it. And the future, you know nothing about, so it's futile to plan. Everything is changing constantly and nothing will be as planned. Strictly following a plan for the future makes you forget to live today and when your plan is realized you have lost time and you have changed so what you wanted when you set your plan at work that you experience as outdated ideas when you reach the goal.

I eat when I'm hungry, drink when I'm thirsty, sleep when I get tired, work when I need money etc. I don't care that things have to happen at special times, I never stress, everything must take the time it needs . I don't like routines or traditions because they control my life. I never decide an exact time for a meeting, I come when I come and if you can't wait so it's up to you.

I'm thinking never what might happen if I choose a direction to go, I just go so be it as it gets. Sometimes people ask why I chose a special place, but since I never chose, but just ended up where it is impossible to answer. But it also makes life more interesting to suddenly find themselves in a place that you never knew existed, just because you suddenly chose another direction at any crossing. 

Often, my path crosses people who need help. Then I take the time to stop and help them if I feel I have the opportunity. It rarely requires much more than listening and giving advice, giving a fellow human food and clothing, or just holding someone in your hand for a while.

I have no close friends, but many superficial, but I don't need friends, my best friend is myself. Sometimes I meet others with a similar lifestyles, often young people, but also older and sometimes even families where the children go to school at a distance and get a wonderful childhood.

I own nothing but the most important thing, and what I can carry with me, and everything I own has an important function. The number of my things is constant, because they have to fit in my small backpack, sometimes i change something, but then I past away some old thing, I do not want to own more than I need. Why I have a small backpack now is because I bought a computer that I need to bring with me. Before I had no bag at all, only wallet and passport in my pocket. Because everything you need, you can buy where you are, and it const often more to carry with you thing then buy when you need it. Many people think I am rich because I buy what I need wherever I am, but I am not. But I live so cheaply otherwise that I can afford to be comfortable and it is much more comfortable to travel without luggage and more fun to get new thing in new places than to drag garbage around the world.

Sometimes, I rent a room for few month and have that as a base. I prefer to rent a furnished room, but they are more expensive than unfurnished. Sometimes if I stay long time in same place it may be worthwhile to rent unfurnished and buy some used furniture that can be thrown away when I move on. I'm looking for the cheapest accommodation and other things I can find. Sometime I have a postbox as post-address if I move often, but if I stay longer in same place I have my address at home. 

I do not need luxury, and I have no need to do other jealousy. And what's really luxury? If you are rich and can buy what you want, a small hut in the forest can be pure luxury. If people do not like how I live or if my clothes don't have a special brand, they are free to look at something else. And I do not want friends who make demands. 

If I stay longer time in same country, I can buy a cheap vehicles, when I move I take it with me if I can, or sell it.

I do not buy souvenirs or take photographs, for I feel that if I can't remember without looking at a photo or a thing so there is nothing to remember. Also, I don't want to lug around unnecessary gadgets, and to view other is pointless because they can never have the experience of seeing other people's photos, they must experience themselves.

If I have a problem so I'm not upset, I'm looking for a solution to the problem instead. For me, there are no problems, only challenges.

The human sacrifices health to make money since they sacrifice money to recover health.

They are so keen on their future that they are not enjoying the moment. As a result, they neither live in the present or in the future.

They live as if they will never die and then they die without they ever have live.

Dalai Lama

I have always work with what's available where I am, if I need money, but never more than I'm just surviving.

I have lived almost all my life this way, and now I'm old but have no plans for permanent residence. I have tried, but realized that this is my way of living to feel the best and the most freedom.


I do not like money, for they create greed, and I don't like it at all. Whether you have too little or too much money, they create problems. And when it comes to money, there is no middle level.

The goal isn't more money - The goal is living life on your terms.

Sometimes I have been very rich but lost everything in a few seconds because I chose wrong, and sometimes I have been very poor but have won big sums because I chose right. But it's part of the life and just taking on as an experience.

Money is, however, only paper pieces and metal tiles someone gave a value.

But the kilo price on the material is not worth much.

What would you choose, money or real friends? Getting both is an impossibility, the more money you have, the fewer real friends you have. Money also comes with anxiety. You can value something yourself, and you'll see that people with ownership needs wants it. 

It's not the best possessions that matter, but it's the least cost.

Small expenses and few possessions create freedom. You do not have to work around the clock to pay all things you do not care about, most people want a lot of possessions to show how rich they are for people they really do not like.

And what about vacationing if you still can not enjoy it because of concerns about things you bought for excessive costs, maybe even borrowed money so you're stuck in a lifelong installment for something you only have a short time, Because no property is permanent, but loans will remain alive until you die.

Experiences are the most important and expensive ones, and if you never lose, you never get any experiences.

Many people say that it is not possible to live well with small money. But of course, it depends entirely on how you live and what you prioritize. There are always choices and why choose the expensive option if you can find a cheaper one.

I have valueed my freedom, and it is too expensive for anyone on earth to buy.

If you have too little to meet your wishes, you are worried about using the money you have for something more important.

Why buy a house with too many rooms when you can only be in one room at a time?

Why buy a new expensive car, when an old cheap can do the same, move from one place to another. No vehicle can do more than that, everything else is just to show others that you have more money than you need, or you have big loans, which nothing gives freedom.

Everything you own and can not be without always requires your full attention first of all. If you want to travel then you must first ensure that your belongings are secured. If your house is burning or you get burglary while traveling, you must cancel your trip to take care of your things. In other words, you do not own things, it's the things that own you.

I don't want to get rich, I value freedom more than money and unnecessary ownership, and you can never get both. Wealth can only create a falsehood. I feel comfortable with a simple life and feel better with the poor than the rich. The basis of all values in the world is greed for money.

An abundance of money never creates happiness, so the rich try to buy happiness with belongings and to change themselves with beauty operations. But these bring more risks than beauty, the most beautiful man is the most natural and the happiest is the one who own nothing. Money is good for survival and a buffer is good for the unforeseen, but abundance is never good of anything.

And with more money than you need to survive you can never be free, you will always be worried about losing your money, and much want more. You spend more time than you are available to earn more money than you need and maybe you borrow money to buy things you do not need to boast for people you do not like.

These people do not care, the only one who has to care and work more and more too pay your expensive life is yourself.

All forms of abuse, regardless of drugs, sex, relationships, ownership, etc. always require your first attention. As long as you agree to be dependent on something, you will never be completely free.

What Money can or can't buy

A bed, but not sleep.

Computer, but not brain.

Food, but not apptite.

Finery, but not beauty.

A house, but not a home.

Medicine, but not health.

Luxuries, but not culture.

Amusements, but not happiness.

Acquaintance, but not friends.

Obedience but not faithfulness.

Sex, but not love

You work because you think money gives freedom, but suddenly one day it's late to get your freedom, you're too old to enjoy your freedom or you die because you worked too much. And you can not take your things after death.

The only thing that happens is that your family thinks they are free to inherit you, but all they get is trouble, discord and greed. Freedom they get the day they realize that money can never create freedom, they can give them to those who really need them. That is the price of freedom.

And when you work hard so that you can fulfill your wish strings, the most important longing disappears. But it's soon back for what you managed to buy, not as fun as the expectation you built while saving money, so much soon you start looking for something else.

If you have too much money you are always worried about losing them. And you never have to experience the longing.

It's not the goal that's important, it's longing for you. And since the target rarely exceeds expectations, it's the longing in itself that's important. And longing is free.

Handling with debit cards or credit cards is easy, but you have also waived the integrity. It's hard to get cash today's world without a card, but if you do everything you can to maintain your integrity, it's a card to only withdraw money from ATM the best option.

And to protect their money in the event of skimming, internet banking is a good option, use the internet for good things for you, not play and unsafe surfing.

Have at least two accounts on the bank, one that has no card attached and one where your ATM card is connected. Save the money to the cardless account and when you need money transfer you the money you want to withdraw into the card account.

Should the card be skimmed or stolen, you still have your money left.

The Internet has simplified my lifestyle, previously it was harder with banking and authority contacts and other information. Now it's easier, but I'm using the internet very sparingly and I always hide my internet usage carefully, the internet wants to keep track of my position and I do not want to share it. If I use social media so it is only for a short time and for a particular purpose.

I do not like Facebook, Google or other community who live on to control our lifes. But sometime I need use them, but I am careful what I write.

Sometimes people tell me they are not criminals so they do not have to protect themselves. I answer that if you do not protect yourself, someone who are criminals can steal your life and you will also become criminal without knowing it. Only when the police knock on the door will you be aware that someone used your personal data to blame you instead of on their own. And to explain it to the judiciary is in principle impossible.

Authorities want control of your life, so integrity is important. I do not want to be contactable all the time. Authorities require logical perception and consider you to be criminal if you protect your privacy and live an illogical life for them.

I know, I've experienced it

But when you always live spontaneously right now, life makes it illogical. A lie is created by planning and will therefore be logical and likely. Therefore, the legal system does not work.

Those who decide your destiny are people like yourself, but who read some books more than you and are therefore considered to have the right to decide your destiny. And the laws they refer to are often obsolete and illogical in themselves. If the laws are to be taken seriously, they need to be updated and renewed every year so that they follow on time.

The world would work better without all these laws and control needs. I only follow one law/rules which houses all other laws around the world. Imagine a little extra on this line of text, and you will soon see that it includes everything in all other laws in all countries on earth. If you think I'm wrong, feel free to discuss this with me, too send a email.


Never, in any way harm any other living or dead existence on Earth.


I have never understood why people follow mad leaders, a leader is never stronger than the greed of the people who follow


People prefer to live in misery and confine themselves to lamenting themselves quietly while they are slowly dying of starvation, rather than dying in a struggle for freedom, I feel that this type of people has no right to complain.

And I don't understand why we at all need leaders, I am Anarchist and that is what all leaders all over the world is most afraid for, because if all people want Anarchy we don't need any leaders anymore. 

Anarchy does not mean that the people can do what they want, but it means we do not have leaders who do what they want.

    If you live like me is a open mind important

    Do not judge people of the first impression.

    Genitals do not define gender

    IQ does not define intelligence

    Semen does not define child

    Physics does not define fitness

    Age does not define maturity

    Good economy does not define generosity

    Money does not define wealth

    Ownership does not define happiness

    Etc. This list can be much longer.

    Listening gives you knowledge but self-sufficiency gives you loneliness.

    Humor creates life joy. Do not take life too seriously, you can see something fun in everything.

    I have a lot of humor and usually I can laugh at everything. But I am also a person with principles and no one laughs at pure person attacks, neither me nor the people who attack.

    If your mind is open for everything, you will gett 100% of your life, instead for 50% as most of the people accept.

    And why be satisfied with 50% of the already short life we have, just because we are locked in obsolete thinking?

    Listening to what others want creates fear and shame. Thinking yourself what you want creates courage and freedom.

    Don't be afraid to try new ideas, everything doesn t have to be like always. If it doesn't work, you can return to old or try something else, but you have tried and get experience.

    Dare to go beyond the borders you were raised to stay inside.

    Do you feel like me, that you are lost in this world?

    Rich country deside that children should not work for survive. So he can't go to school or eat.

    Rich country deside that children should not work for survive. But school and food are free for him so he can work for snacksand computer game.


    It is good if you have the happiness of being born into a family that loves you because you are you. Unfortunately, it is not so commonplace.

    Most parents love their children because they feel they own them. And for them to get some return on their parenting, such as grandchildren, a secure old age, or guided the children to live the life that you could not live by different circumstances etc.

    I feel more sorrow to those born in this world than to those who die.

    If the children have the trouble to end up with parents with ownership, they will be owned by their parents life out, without the opportunity to live their own lives.

     You can not own another person, you can give life to someone and you can take care of the child until they manage and a good parent teaches the children to take care of themselves as quickly as possible so that the child is able to live his own life longer than if it is bound by selfish parents.

    An egoist parent who believes that he owns his child deprives the child of his life, which causes the parent to have two lives while the child has no life at all.

    Everybody needs freedom, including children. And to check every step one's child takes is to deprive the child of his freedom.

    Likewise, children, like adults, need to take care of their privacy, to constantly control their children's lives, to deprive them of their integrity.

    And parents who have a ready plan for the future of their children destroy the child's right to a life of their own. It is more or less a criminal act to control someone else's life because of ownership and self-sustained growth.

    Children who quickly break with their parents' control needs and ownership demands greater opportunities for a long happy and independent life.

    Over-protecting their children

    is the same as mental abuse.

    Mental abuse is any act or failure to act that interferes with the child's intellectual and emotional development, self-esteem, social skills and conditions for close emotionnal relationships.

    Trust your children, they will do well. And if they do not, you'll be like a parachute, but only to help with advice and guidance on your own experiences. Not to control the child in the direction you lost when you were a child.

    No matter what lifestyle the child chooses, it's the child's choice, not yours. The child can not live about your life as you missed because your parents did not let you live your own life.

    Your task as a parent is to teach the child the only law that is important 

    "Never harm any other existence on earth. Neither physically nor mentally." 

    And encourage them to think independently, to solve tasks and problems themselves, thus gaining their own experiences. Without your own experience, you can not get in this world. No one can survive solely with the experiences of others.

    Experiences are the most expensive ones and sometimes they hurt, both physically and mentally, but they are worthy of them without them being able to manage for a long time. And the best time to experience is with understanding parents who let the children live their own lives already when they are small.

    Nothing is wrong

    For example, when parents, break down when the children are homosexuals, only the parents' selfishness and their reluctance to give the child the freedom to live the life they choose.

    Instead of being happy that their child has the strength to dare to live their lives so that it suits them best. These children should, as soon as possible, leave their parents to get the right to their own lives.

    Referring to religion to show that homosexuality is wrong is more wrong than sexuality itself. The parents who do it just show up their own fear of where they will live when they no longer exist. And many of them have never opened the Bible.

    Especially as many religions not only accept but also encourage homosexuality by prohibiting female proximity, this is common in the Catholic Church, Islam and Buddhism. They simply do not live up to their own beliefs because of their own lusts and desire.

    Some try to refer to what's normal. But what's really normal? Is it normal to kill innocent people in war in the name of God? Is it normal to prevent their own children from living their lives as they wish? Is it normal to ruin the soil with garbage and emissions due to demand for money? Is it normal to live in luxury and abundance while the neighbors starving?

    Normally, the norm is the average, so if the majority prefer to have sex with dogs then it will be normal and living a sex standard life as people do now, will be abnormal.

    Some say that "think about" everyone becomes gay, then the human will die out. Certainly, perhaps it would be the best for the earth, but it does not happen because everyone is never gay. And if that happens, there is nothing that prevents homosexuals from giving birth to children.

    Personally, I think that those who scream at the highest are those who are most interested in same sex, but they do not dare because of the oppression of the environment, and when they themselves can not live their lusts, they get angry with all who really dare. And why would others decide who I want to love? Just because they do not dare.

    Personally, I do not care about gender, laws or other people's references to what they themselves or their religion consider to be right or wrong. I love people and prefer people who love me. Who it is, gender, appearance, nationality, age, belief, or anything else is uninteresting. The interesting thing is that two people found and love each other. Just being interested in the opposite sex of the same age as yourself makes you lose 50% of life and I am not interested to give away 50% of my life to people who want to decide how they want I think and how I should live.

    What is right for one is wrong for another and vice versa. Nobody can be completely satisfied with what's right and wrong. Imagine yourself and do what you think you want to do, during your life, it's only you who decide how to live your life, no parents, government, religious groups, laws, friends or anyone else will interfere.

    And why is it so important for haunted housewives to try to change the living conditions of other countries to match those they have in their own countries?

    For example, child workers, I would be very happy if children could go to school and not have to work. But living conditions in poor countries make children work to survive and afford to go to school. But rich, dry housewives in rich countries start thinking about drinking wine and enjoying in an abundance of food. They believe that children in poor countries should have the same opportunities as their own children have. So what happens when they come through their will? Children in poor countries can not afford to go to school anymore and families are getting even poorer without the opportunity for a better future life with educated children. The wealthy haunted housewives donate little money to organizations that help the children, but it's only a fraction that reaches the children, and only the children in the organization, for the organizations that cost money to run and the children who can not participate in the organization will be forgotten. But they are prevented from working and going to school.

    But the fact is that child labour is a matter of course even in the countries which today are considered to be rich, for example, it is often children who distributes newspapers or flyers, and sell cakes and lottery tickets for a school trip. That is for some odd reason ok, but working to afford to eat or go to school is not ok.

    Their parents say it is good that they can earn some own pocket money. But why is it better to earn your own pocket money that goes to candies and toys, than to earn money to survive?

    Instead of preventing children from working, there should be more energy on making better working conditions and wages.

    Children in poor countries grow up early, while in rich countries they are considered to be children up to the age of 30.

    But the fact is that child labor is not even a matter of course even in those countries that today are considered rich.

    But naturally, children are children until puberty, then they are adults. It's only the last 30 years that this has changed in the rich countrys. In most of the countries of the world it is still so that you are adult after the puberty, but money and prosperity destroy human life's natural life cycle and create more poverty for the poor and with the decadence of the rich.

    And it is the need for money that makes these decadent housewives get their way through, because leaders in poor countries want money in their own pocket and agree to put out insane laws in accordance with decadent housewives in rich countries to fill their pockets with metal plates and pieces of paper at the expense of the future of the poor children.

    Human rights apply to everyone, but they are written by rich people in rich countries. There should be a point that it is a human right to work to survive, regardless of age and gender.

    These poor children who are now denied working will instead engage in begging and crime.

    But the rich housewives do not care while sitting in the leather sofa and drinking wine and eating shrimp. Possibly they may be scared when crime has suddenly increased in the countries they travel to because it is cheap and they feel anxious when they read about youth gangs that rob tourists. But they see no connection to the fact that they themselves have been involved in creating this crime.

    People in rich countries cannot and must not assume that everyone should have the same rights as themselves.

    Sometime it feel that the rich people around the world want make poor children more poor, so the children be more desperate to get money to survive, and then people from rich country easy can buy children for sex. 

    And that is very bad to do. I hope that only are a feeling about how rich people sometime maybe thinking.

    If they want to help these children, they should go to authorities and companies in each country and influence them to give the children good care, good working conditions and good wages. Just banning and being content with it is the same as abusing children remotely.

    Allan Clelland Goddard (Street Children)


    This is a very short summary of my life, where I describe how my upbringing was and how shamefully my parents (especially my mother) thought it was with a different son. I will not tell you all about my life here, although this is the only place you can read the right. Maybe, if I get the power to go through all my life's shit in my mind again, maybe it will be a more detailed book. I have already written many hundreds pages and I have anyway not yet come so long, so it will be a thick book if I decide to publish it, and I'm not sure about it. 

    But I know that many old customers and their families do not want publicity, even though it is about 50 years old information. I do not write anything that I cannot prove and I update the text as I remember when I find documents that can prove the text. I show no evidence for curious individuals, but can do so to the authorities if it becomes relevant in a dispute. But they already have the documents, because some of the documents I have ordered from them, because I need them if I decide to write a book. Therefore, the text may change a little at sometime.

    My lifestyle has been shaped by my upbringing

    During my first five years of my life, I was locked in a small room without windows in my biological parents' house, the few times I had to come out was for shower, the early diaper prey, and later I have a potty in my room but I need to empty it myself in the toilet once a day. The food I got in my room. My mother told me that I was protected for not being harmed because I was different, but I understand early that my mother shame of having a different child, when I was 4 years I get the diagnosis Autism, but if the diagnosis of Asperger had been at that time, I would probably have been diagnosed as a lighter form of Asperger.

    When I was five year old my parents and siblings died in a car accident, I also was in the car but I survive with severe pelvic injuries. No one of my relatives wanted a disabled child to take care, so after a long time on hospital after the accident I was placed in a orphanage where I became both mentally and physically beaten by people who did not understand me. 

    On the orphanage i be rapeed and run away little before I should be six years old. I walk from the orphanage in the late winter in forests and across fields, I remember it was very cold, because I didn't have warm clothes on me. On the night when I sleep I dug myself into the snow and it warmed a little, but I just slept short moments, afraid of wild animals and people.

    I avoided places where there were other people for fear of being driven back to the orphanage. I got pushed once because I stomped my foot when I ran over a road. That time a man stopped and took me with him. He took advantage of me for three weeks before I managed to escape from him, then I had turned six years old. The walk from the orphanage to the capital city was almost 700 km and for a five years old boy who only run and walk into the wood, and often I came in the wrong direction, and it got longer to get right again. It took about three months, but because I got stuck with that man and some time wrong direction it took almost four months before I came to the capital.

    That I chose the capital and not my hometown was because my brother almost every day whispered to me behind my closed door that I had to take every chance to escape. Run, he said, don't look back, don't worry about me or anyone else, just run as fast as you can, stay away from roads and people until you get to the capital, where you can hide even though there are a lot of people. His talk I have in my head all time when I run through the forests. I am sad that i die, because he help me so much.

    In the capital I lived in misery under the ground in the citys sewage tunnels on daytime and on the street on nighttime, together with other children and adults in the same situation. On evening amost every day I sit in the library and read books, at the beginning for it was warmer than outside and I could be left alone, but gradually I enjoyed reading more and more. I read everything from children's books to learning streams for university students. I think I read almost all the books in the library for a few years. But outside the library my life was lined with violence, abuse, begging, prostitution and crime. And that I survived and even coped very well, was very likely due to my particular form of Asperger's Syndrome.

    After my tenth year in life it became a little better, I got a family that took care of me, It was a Thai family who had a company in my city, they helped me with food and I had to sleep in their storage. But it was a bit too late. I had allready learned to appreciate the freedom of coping with myself. My new family understood me anbd let me be independent, they were there when I needed them, but otherwise they did not put themselves in my life. I was in the late ten years when I first time came to Thailand, I was placed in school in Bangkok where I learn me some Thai language, but also because of language problems and born with bad memory, I don't learn me so good and ended up after 11 months and moved back to my home country where I never have go in a real children school, The only children school I have get was when my biological brother taught me to speak, read and write when I was around four years, But since I was locked up, he was sitting outside and I on the inside, with the locked door between us, he put in paper under the door and I am very happy that he take his time with me, but I never learned as a kid who goes to school. My knowledge i have gained from the library and newspapers, and to listen to customers and others regardless of they spoke directly to me or with each other, unaware that a child was listening. And since no one controlled my mind, I got my own view of reality. But as adult I go in school in the military to update high school in order to seek certain services.

    From I was six years to I was nineteen years, I served very well on prostitution and escort, it was not illegal that time but anyway not easy to find professional prostitute children in good condition, most were worn and used drugs, I tried to stay in good condition and relinquished heavier drugs than cigarettes, because I realized I could get more money then. I preferred escort in front of prostitution, (escort sells friendship include sex sometime, but prostitutes sell only sex) it gave more money and I followed with customers on travel, theater, concerts and a lot of other fun. Sure we had sex, but it was the opportunity to take care of and show off a cute boy who was decisive, and many old men pay a lot to get that. 

    When I was fifteen years, my Thai family adopted me because they should move back to Thailand after almost 50 years in my home country, and they want give me the opportunity to become a Thai citizen, but I abstained because my homeland's citizenship gives more opportunities to travel and traveling have always be a big part of my life. After they moved back, I only had a little contact with them until they died, my Thai siblings I have some contact with sometimes, but they still live in my home country and enjoy well there.

    Often I filmed with a hidden S8 camera intercourse to be able to extort my customers. I also managed to get part of the customers legacy in will because the men's families would not know about their interest in children after they died. Many of them was married and had own children. My clients were politicians, policemen and others with high positions, it was rarely I had "ordinary people" because they couldn't afford me. But it was a dangerous job and when I tried to extort "wrong" person I had to flee from my home country. And it was the start of a fluttering between different countries world wideS where I worked my way of prostitution, escort and other criminal activities. Sometime I also had other boys who worked for me as escort.

    When I was nineteen years old I came back to my home country because of business, but on the border I was taken in for military service, something I have no idea was obligatory from eighteen at that time. But for me it was good years, because I got away from my old messy life and could start again when I was done there. In the military I stay for 8 years, I served first 2 mandatory years on the navy on a destroyer ship and was trained as mate, and after that I served in the air-defense as helicopter pilot after 1 year for update the high school and 2 year in pilot school.

    After the military I working a few month as mate on a container ship and a year as sea-plane pilote, but then I got tired and decided that neither air nor water was my thing, but I focused entirely on land transport. This meant that I lost my certificates for ships and flights two year later.

    I took a driving license for motorcykle and car in Germany when I was eighteen years and change it to my home country lisence after militaryservice when I also took driver lisence for bigger vehicle and started driving lorries, later also taxi and bus. It worked out very well for me because I was traveling all the time. But I just worked into what I needed for the next month, it used to be two weeks of work and two weeks off. I got the idea to take all the certificates that could be taken. I took a license for trucks, cranes, embassy vehicles, special transports and DGR. 

    My interest in transport of all kinds and because I saw dangerous assignments as a challenge I quickly became popular with employers around the world and I became more focused on only taking special transport assignments who gave more money for a short assignment and I could be more free.

    I have driven trucks all over Europe, a bit in Asia and Russia. in warriors countries, in mines and on narrow almost impossible roads in the mountains, I have driven tourist bus throughout Europe, city buses and coaches and taxis, I have worked as a private driver at an embassy and I have driven very many own cars and motorcycles.

    Later in life I have had several companies and also worked on things that may not have been completely legal, (But it is a long time ago and everything is prescribed.) but which have given a lot of money in a short time. People sometimes ask how I have done so much in my life. I often ask myself the same, but that is because I did not do one thing and finish it before I started on a new project. I've done many things at the same time. For exemple, work on bus a few hours, little pause and then trailer, another work on night and sleep a few hours, and have company I only with staff who do everything, I only check sometime that everything working good.

    In 1992, I hurt my back in an accident and couldn't continue driving lorries because it meant heavy lifting sometimes, taxi I was tired of so I drove a little bus sometimes, mostly because it was fun.

    When HIV came 1982 I was sure I had it because of my life before. I did lots of tests at different doctors but for some strange reason I didn't get that disease. But from that time on I have always protected myself in sex.

    And now I am old and tired of work, I live right now in Southeast Asia, but it can change spontaneously and suddenly. If I want to travel, I will leave everything and go on. My muscular, well-trained body has gotten a beer stomach and hang boobs, but I don't care about it. Anyone who doesn't like to look at my body is free to see any other way. I am old, what to expect. I drive a motorcycle and I live as I always have do, a simple and cheap life, and as always, I prefer poor areas, and I move often, but now it be not much sex. I am litte tired of that, it be if I find some legally young who love me because I am me, not because of money, and that will never happens, I think.

    I have managed to stay out of prisons, I'm too smart to let the police take me haha, and maybe because my customer had high positions in the police and politicians so they protected me to avoid problems themselves.

    In any case, my life has been messy from the beginning, but I would not change lives if I had the opportunity. What I got out of life is a huge experiencebank, and a lot of fun, but I enjoy being the best to live simple. And now I don't have to do anything and it suits me perfectly. I live only from my pension, but because it is small I have to live in a cheap country. I can not afford to live in my home country.

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