First, I want to say that we only live once. Although many religions want us to believe that we will live several times or end up in some kind of paradise when we die. If so, then it's good, but we know nothing about it, it's just a belief. Therefore, we must assume that we only live once, in this life that we know and even know for sure that we actually live. And why not try to create the paradise that many believe they will have when they die, even now that we know we are alive. I've never accepted that I'm just there to have hell while I'm alive, pay the bills and then die. I want to take the opportunity to live while I know I'm alive, and what happens next, when I'm dead, I have to deal with then. To lower one's life to a faith, and therefore not live now, feels very distant to me.

If all religions are wrong, then I have wasted the only time I have in life to live trapped in a faith, to get better when I die. It's not an option for me, the only option for me is to live now and deal with the future when it comes.

My life is completely without stress or musts, I come and go as I choose and those who can adapt to it become my close friends.

I never look back or forward, because what has happened can not be undone and we know nothing about the future, so it is unnecessary to put energy into it. I live only in the present. On very few occasions have I planned my future and the few times this has happened, the planning has only been for the next month. Everything I have done has happened spontaneously, both for leisure and work.

I have never had fixed times when things should happen, for example I sleep when I get tired, wake up when I am rested, eat when I am hungry, etc., and it can happen at any time of the day. And I have never had a permanent job, but only been employed by the hour because it gave me the freedom to work whenever I wanted, and I have only worked with what I think is fun and which gives as much money as possible for as short a time as possible to be able to be free as much as possible. This was of course easier when I was young in the 70s and 80s when high school was not a requirement for all jobs.

I have tried to have my own company from time to time in the belief that it would give me more freedom, but realized that it is not something for me because then I am never free.

I used to calculate at the end of the month how much money I needed for the next month, so I quickly worked that money together and was then free. A little depending on what I wanted to do next month, I usually worked between 1-3 weeks, but I was always free at least one week a month, usually more. I used my free time to travel and move.

When I was 18 years I rent my first apartment, it was only 20 sqm but also very cheap. I had that apartment for a few years, but it became more and more a base to start from, which a magazine for my things so I did not have to carry everything with me when I traveled.

I often worked as a driver which is a solo job and while I was sitting and driving so the thoughts went away and I came more and more to the conclusion that I did not feel free to have a fixed point and a lot of belongings that I never used and I realized that everything you own has a tendency to start owning its owner's freedom and when I came home next time I got rid of everything I owned and gave up my home. Then my move began.

I started renting furnished apartments for a shorter time and it gave me much more freedom to know that I had no notice period and I only owned what I could fit in the car's trunk. That I did not want things in the cabin was because I wanted the opportunity to sleep in the car if I did not get an apartment directly between the moves. And it gave me the freedom I was looking for. I have not always have a vehicle, but for me is a vehicle same as freedom. I have never rented an apartment for more than an absolute maximum of 2 years, often for a shorter period of time, and most of the time I did not live at that address but only used it as a place for authorities to believe that I had a fixed point. I got bored of being in the same place for a long time. For a while I bought an old caravan that I lived in when I moved around between different jobs, but it also became too residential for me and owning a caravan gave me more space than I needed and when it happens you automatically collect more stuff, so after about a year I sold it.

I have never understood why most people strive to own a lot of things they never use and why it is so important to have larger apartments or houses than they need, they can still only be in one room at a time. You unlock your life with things and loans and it gives no freedom at all. You are forced to work to keep your things, which means that you do not live in the present but in the future. You do not own your things, they own you. You must always take care of them first before you can do something, and if you travel away you always have a worry in your body that something will happen to your things, for example if you are traveling and get to know that your house is on fire, then you must quit your journey to go home and take care of it and save the things you can save. If you do not own anything, you have no worries and you do not have to interrupt what you do to take care of dead things that mean nothing more than showing people you do not really like, that you can afford to have a lot of rubbish, which is often paid with loans.

When I know a place, found everything, people started visiting me in the area and I made friends so it was time to move to start over in zero again. It gave me more joy because it is not the usual everyday life that is interesting, but discovering and getting to know new places and new people. When I moved on, I always did it incognito, so no farewell or explanation, I could only imagine that now is the time to move and then it went very efficiently, from decision to action it was at most a couple of hours. And I have never liked parting with friends who try to make me stay. In addition, good friends do not disappear just to move. And myreal friends learned it and kindly waited for information about my new place of residence, those who were not accepted were still not good friends so I did not care about them.

Since integrity is important to me, I use the internet extremely sparingly and always with the highest security. That's why you can't find me on so-called social media. Some parts of the internet can be used and some are directly necessary in today's world. But never without the highest security and never logged in to anything other than the most important. If I can't use a site without login, I don't use it.

I have found my life in Thailand, where I supported my normal wandering life for a few years, partly to get as much as possible from the countries. The only possibility to stop my wandering life is probably a closer love relationship and I'm not sure I'm that interested in it, it's more freedom to live alone, but who knows what will happen in a future. My strong desire for freedom remains and I do not want to feel compelled to take into account someone else who may not share my lifestyle. To go and come as I want means a lot to my longing for freedom. So I do not live here to find a partner, but because I like the countries of Thailand, people, culture, food, climate and even the religon Buddhism who are very similar to my own lifestyle.