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Do you need a good webhotel?

My domain is at, the best webhotel you can have. If you need a simple to use, but comprehensive webhotel, you get a good discount if you press the button here.

Do you want to help me help others in SEA?

When I drive around on my motorcycle I often meet very poor people, it's hard to just go by and close your eyes. But my little pension is hardly enough for myself. If you want to help me help others, you can make a small contribution on my PayPal, all money that goes there goes in full to poor families in Southeast Asia. I will publish anyone who's been helped, on the side.

You can send a little help on my PayPal.

Only press the PayPal Me button here.

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I don't always have access to the Internet, so it can sometimes take some time to get answers. But I promise to respond as soon as I see your email.


If you see any spelling or grammatical errors, I am grateful for help. Write where the error is and how to correct it, I will be eternally grateful. My English is not the best. In this case, you will get no other answer than you can see that the error is fixed.


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