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This club is for those who are gay, live in or visit Thailand and like to drive motorcycle. No matter what bike you have, if you are guy or a girl, young or old. All gay bikers are welcome.

We have rules for driving professionally, you learn them and you will blend in well.

Safety first.

Membership are free, but you have to answer a few questions before you get membership.

Fill in your real name.

Fill in how we can contact you.

Fill in the gender you identify with.

Fill in your age, to protect the youngest member.

Fill in the province you live in.

(Fill in the country you live in, if you only come to Thailand on vacation, and then also fill in the province you are in when you visit Thailand. And then also your nationality.)

We alson need to know your language, and if you understand more then one.


Your information is for GB-Thailand administration only, we will never disclose your information to other members or to any third party.

GAY MC BIKERS THAILAND is a gay club that likes motorcycles. We organize bikers' meetings, we discuss motorcycles, we make road trips together, without having to adapt to a straight prejudiced and damnable world.

GAY MC BIKERS THAILAND is not a sex club, not a dating club, not a club to share illegal photos. Our members are of all ages, but it's not a club for the elderly to easily find younger lovers. We help protect our members and everyone, regardless of age, gender identity, etc, should feel that here they can be themselves with friends they can trust.

It is the laws in Thailand that apply in the club.

If you have some questions, please contact us.

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Forthcoming roadrips & meetings.               Other events

No meetings are continued because of covid - 19

Take care of you and stay home, keep your healthy safe and see us when Thailand opens up again.

Club traffic provisions

We want our members to run professionally. Especially if you wear our club badge.

Here are a few basic rules for doing so.

* Everyone who travels on the motorcycle, (driver and passenger) has always a helmet locked on their heads while driving.

* Do not play in traffic, do not try to play tough among other road users.
* Do not drive too close to parked cars because they can suddenly open a door without looking, it can also come out people    between the cars. Be careful when passing parked cars.

* Always show care and consideration for other road users.
* Help other vehicles arrive, keep in mind that a bus or truck is more difficult to get away if it is heavily loaded and has a longer stopping distance.

If we help with traffic, it will be more fun to drive. And if you help others, they will help you.

Column driving

It is both fascinating and fun to ride a motorcycle in a group, but it is definitely not harmless. It is therefore important that we follow some simple rules for both our own and others' safety.

The first MC runs in the far right at the center line and then forms in zig-zag formation. Keep that formation even in curves. Do not heal in the curves. This provides a better field of view and a longer available braking distance. When you fill your "line" it is always done from behind.

Slightly exaggerate your placement in the formation. Then there will never be any doubt whether you are right or left MC. The distance between the bikes is determined by the speed and of course road conditions. Usually it fits with 1 sec between the bikes ie. about 15 meters at 60 km / h. Keep an equal distance between the bikes. Pay attention to those behind you in the column. If you alternately decrease and increase the speed, it will be very difficult for those who are further back in the column.

In order for the column to hold together as well as possible, it is advisable to make detours within the column if someone is driving too slowly to avoid gaps in the column. Use flashers or signaling by hand as you drive around the column. When you stop at a crossroads or the like, the left MC goes up beside the right one. This makes the column shorter so you get a better look and that you get faster over the intersection.

At the front of the column, the leader runs. This MC keeps up speed and keeps the speed limit. If you are above with column driving you should be as far behind as possible. Then you have more opportunity to study how the foremost does. If the column is forced to stop for some reason, make stop signs (stretch out the hand) here and where everyone becomes aware that the column stops. When the column makes overtakes, the left MC goes out behind the right MC so that the column becomes a long row.

If the column gets into a passing car in the middle, great caution must be exercised. Make it easier for the motorist to drive around by having the right MC behind the left MC so the column stays on the left side of the lane. When the car drives about, the distance to the former MC increases temporarily, so that the overtaking car has the opportunity to keep to the right in the event of a meeting. A sign to the motorist that he can drive if you are appreciated and it shows that you are using your rear view mirror and are awake in traffic.

 For those who do not enjoy column driving or think it is going too fast or too slow, we recommend that you drive freely before or after the column at your own pace, everyone will be satisfied and the column run works well.

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