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This club is for those who are gay, live in or visit Thailand and like to drive motorcycle. No matter what bike you have, if you are guy or a girl, young or old. All gay bikers are welcome.

Membership are free, but you have to answer a few questions before you get membership.

Fill in your real name.

Fill in how we can contact you.

Fill in the gender you identify with.

Fill in your age, to protect the youngest member.

Fill in the province you live in.


Your information is for GB-Thailand administration only, we will never disclose your information to other members or to any third party.

GAY MC BIKERS THAILAND is a gay club that likes motorcycles. We organize bikers' meetings, we discuss motorcycles, we make road trips together, without having to adapt to a straight prejudiced and damnable world.

GAY MC BIKERS THAILAND is not a sex club, not a dating club, not a club to share illegal photos. Our members are of all ages, but it's not a club for the elderly to easily find younger lovers. We help protect our members and everyone, regardless of age, gender identity, etc, should feel that here they can be themselves with friends they can trust.

It is the laws in Thailand that apply in the club.

If you have some questions, please contact us.

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Forthcoming roadrips & meetings.

MARCH 2020

2th - 6th – Roadtrip: Kamphaeng Phet - Chiang Rai

Among other things, we will visit:

Chiang Rai Saddle Bags & Biker Gear.
The cave Tham Luang - in Nam Nang Non Forest Park where the 13 football guys were trapped in 2018.
The White Temple (Wat Rong Khun).
The Golden Triangle.

Accommodation, food etc. are arranged by each member themselves.

No advance notice required, we will meet at 9am at the bus station's inner area on March 2.

Get there and drive from the start, or connect along the way.


Other events.

MARCH 2020

6th - 7th – Surat Bike Week 2020

20th - 21th – Sadao Border Bike Week 2020

27th - 28th  – Koh Lanta Bike Week 2020

APRIL 2020

11th - 13th  – Phuket Bike Week 2020 at Patong Beach

17th - 18th  – Phuket Bike Week 2020 at Phuket Boat Lagoon

MAY 2020

1th - 2th  – Samui Bike Week 2020 at Chaweng Lake, Koh Samui

29th - 30th  – Aonang Bike Week 2020

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