About me


I'm not someone's puppet, so ...

I'm not addicted to having friends. 

Often others are more dependent on my friendship than I am on theirs.

You can not control me.
Do not even try, if you want to keep my friendship.

You can not take advantage of me.
If you try, you'll surely lose my friendship.

You can not buy or bribe me.
My soul is not for sale, not even for all the money in the world.

I never buy prostitutes.
So do not expect me to pay for friendship or relationship.

If you are out of money, I will help you.
But only when I see myself that you need help. And just help for YOU to survive.
Not for everyone in your family or all your friends and not for luxus thing you only want because you can if other pay for it.
And only when I know that you have done everything you can to solve your problem yourself first.
And of course only if I have the opportunity, my own problems always come first.

If you beg or nag for money or things. you will not only lose my help, but also my friendship.

If you have other problem, I will help you if I can.

Everyone can make mistakes.

I value civil courage very highly. Always honesty, even if it can cause discomfort to oneself. Not many people have it. But he who shows me civil courage has a sure friend in me forever. If you do something wrong, tell me honestly what happened, and I forgive you. But if you're trying to get away with a lie, I'll never forgive you. And lies always come to the surface when you think you are safe, there is always someone gossiping. But if you yourself tell directly, openly and honestly that you have done something stupid, then I forgive you.

So I give everyone at least one more chance if you are honestly. And I expect you to do the same for me. You can not judge others if you are not perfect yourself and no one is perfect.

If I hear gossip about someone.

I do not continue gossip. I'm talking to the person the gossip is about to get the truth from the core.

If I borrow money.
From someone else, I always pay back at the agreed time.

If anyone borrows money from me.
I expect the same from them.
If he / she wants to continue the loan for a while longer, he / she must still pay back when settled
time and then ask to continue borrowing until a new agreed time.
This is to give me the opportunity to say no if I need the money myself.
If you abuse it, you can forget about borrowing again.

If I get something.
For example, food, beer or something like that, I always give back as soon as I can
and then with more than I got. And I expect that from others as well.

Do you choose to be unpleasant to me.
So I'm at least twice as nasty to you.

Trust must be earned.
That's why I do not trust anyone, least of all the one who says I can trust him / her. I only trust the one who shows in action that I can trust him / her. He who declares his trust in words tries to go the short way to achieve the trust he deserves, and it should be extra careful to trust.

You know if I do not like you, or if you are my enemy?
There is a big difference between not liking anyone or being enemies. But the results of my actions are the same with small differences. We can sit at the same table and can talk kindly and laugh together. But if you offer me something, I refuse to touch it. If friends invite me, I always receive a little even if I do not want.
The difference between disapproval and an enemy is that the enemy demands an act of revenge, but I wait for a good opportunity so other people's eyes are directed away from me before I with a strong jerk pull away the safe carpet you are standing on.

I have a hard time for people who think they are better than others

Because of power and money and therefore expect benefits.
Especially as it is the poor who feed the rich. If I am invited to dinner with a rich and a poor at the same time, then I choose to eat with the poor because I have nothing to say to the rich.

I live alone

Because it is hard to find some in Southeast Asia who think like me, with same need for freedom. I am not a jealous type, and that my partner anso can't be. Because you can't own other people. They have to be free, but it is both responsibility towards each other to take responsibility for no jealousy to arise. He who feels locked in does everything to escape, but he who is given freedom has no reason to flee but stay. But in a relationship without responsibility, contradictions are created, jealousy and rarely last long. Therefor I live alone to I find the right, some who understand me, some who can take care himself and who understand what real love is.

So for a relationship to work for a long time, independence, fidelity, honesty and responsibility are the most important things for both to always keep in mind. If both are careful about this, it gives room for a lot of freedom in the relationship.

It is important partly for honesty but also for not giving your partner unwanted diseases.

I know I'm considered tricky, weird and difficult to understand.
This in turn leads to no one wanting to hang out with me. It's ok, I do not have to
people who demand that everyone be equal to themselves in order to socialize.

If I get tired of a "friend" who have be bad for me.

I disappear from this within a few hundredths of a second.
And if we get this far, there is no going back.

If you can accept that not everyone is exactly the same, cloned from the same person so you can have an extremely good friend in me. But it also takes a lot of yourself to reach the goal.

Are you trying to contact me?
It's next to impossible. Only those I approve can contact me, and they are few. Not even all friends have that opportunity.

I avoid social media for the longest time, but if I use it, it is with the greatest possible security and I never share anything personal. Companies like Facebook, Google and the like, make big money selling our souls, but my soul is not for sale. If you thought that all people on earth see the same reality at the same time on internet, then you are completely wrong. These great social media companies create your reality and can manipulate you to do as they please. For example, creating targeted advertising with a buy guarantee, or making you believe in fake information, or to manipulate you into voting "right" in an election, etc., etc.

I have always argued that the internet is at least 10,000 years too early for the majority of people.
Human brains are still the same as Stone Age man, the only thing that differs between today's people and Stone Age man is that things around us have changed. And it has gone fast, only 20 years back in time had no one need for either Facebook or Google and 30 years back had no need to be contactable 24/7. For only 200 years back, there was no need to be able to travel all over the world with ease.

Today's man has been around for 300,000 years. But all the current development has taken place over the last 300 years. During the 299,700 years before industrialism began, we stood and trampled on the same point without anything revolutionary happening. But ordinary people still believe that they understand everything, while heading for a catastrophic future, due to premature industrial development

So the fastest way to get in touch with me, if you do not have any contact information, is from the contact page of this website. But to get an answer, you need to formulate yourself interestingly enough for me to answer.