What is normal

The majority of people feel insecure if not everyone is exactly the same. These people call themselves "Normal" and they have found that everyone who is equal to themselves is diagnosed as "Normal". And this just to be able to place everyone else in different compartments for "Abnormal" and in this way they can feel a little more secure with their lives here on our everyone's flying ball.

But what is normal then?

Normal is the norm for a majority. Thus, everyone who is part of a majority is normal.

But it does not work to reason like that, especially not to build up a level difference in different people who are not equal to those who call themselves normal. Because even the normal ones become abnormal in another majority.

A caregiver in a nursing home for the mentally ill walks around the ward and sees himself as normal. But according to the norms' view of what is normal, it is the majority. And in a ward in a nursing home for the mentally ill, it becomes normal to be mentally ill and the carer then automatically becomes abnormal.

This reasoning does not accept those who consider themselves normal, because they stand outside all the majorities they associate with, and only see from the group they themselves belong to. Therefore, everyone outside that group, no matter where they are, is normal and this can only be done by those who consider themselves normal having written books about who can call themselves normal. Everyone else is abnormal.

For me, placing people in different groups is a crazy way to feel safe.

And joining an investigation of people who are afraid of you to let you know if they think you should belong to their group or if they should decide which group you should belong to is derogatory.

All people on this flying ball are equally normal, that's for sure. And one more thing that is completely certain is that no matter how normal you think you are, all people are equally abnormal in places when they are not home.

So all these diagnoses have only one purpose. To make some feel worse and others feel better. And no one has the power to determine how normal other people are.

It is not normal for a person to be allowed to decide if you are abnormal just because they have read books that other so-called normal people have written based on their own perception of what is normal and abnormal a long time ago.

And in order for the so-called normal to feel completely confident that someone they have not yet had time to place in an abnormal compartment, they always say that there is a large number of blacks. Then they can feel safe even though they work too slowly. For me, it is more abnormal to be so afraid of differences that you have to place people in different compartments to feel safe in their abnormality.

I have no diagnosis that says I'm either normal or abnormal and that's good, because sometimes I'm 100% normal and sometimes I'm 100% abnormal and so it's to live, to just be normal all the time, do as you have never lived really properly.

For example, it is hardly normal to fly a hot air balloon because the majority of people have never done so. And that makes all pilots abnormal, because the majority of people are not pilots.

In India it is abnormal to eat a cow but in the rest of the world it is ok to eat a cow, so then everyone in India is abnormal.

And in Sweden many people eat herring, it is normal there but in the rest of the world they refuse to eat it. So then all Swedes must be abnormal then.

And in the United States, it's normal to be afraid of people with a different skin color, does that mean all Americans are abnormal then?

Why faith?

I am not religious in the way that I believe in something that governs our lives, the only ones who try to govern our lives are leaders, laws, and outdated rules. But it is only we ourselves who can lead us for real.

I have often wondered why people believe in gods. Perhaps because they are so uncertain that it's easier to believe someone who may exist and who believes in you, than believing in yourself directly and getting rid of all middlemen.

But what is it really Christian believe in, here's my personal reflection on it.

If all the religious now have the right, that there really is a God, then I think so about it:


Lucifer was an angel in heaven who sought to become God and tried to make a coup. But did not succeed according to the Bible, but was put into hell, where he became a black angel and ruler of all evil. Also called Set (Satan)

But what if he really succeeded in his bargain, and that it was Lucifer who threw the right God into hell. And that Lucifer is so clever that he understands that it's the people's faith in him that makes him strong, so it's important that people still believe that he is the only, the right and the good God. So he began to do both good and evil, for every good he does, he also does two evil. And the people will only see it good until it's too late to do something about it. In addition, Lucifer blames evil on the people, they are known to be sinful from birth, and a "good" God can not do evil things. If it does not help, Lucifer says that the people have been in agreement with Satan. That he, Lucifer himself would take on the evil he does is completely excluded. The right God (he who is now in hell) is the very few people who believe in, and those who believe in him do so because they think he is evil. So his strength is getting weaker and weaker all the time. And Lucifer pretends to be the right and good God just gets stronger and stronger. And this theory may seem right if we see what the world looks like today. Would a real good god accept so much evil in the world?


But I do not think there is any kind of God. I believe God was invented by evil traders who are selfish and completely free from empathy. And how I think it happened, I'll explain here:


I think if once there was a man named Jesus and who was a preacher, he probably was a little ahead of his time and tried, as a union leader, to reconcile people to his contemporary Roman oppressors. But I do not believe that neither he nor any of those who lived in the time he lived has anything at all to do with today's Christianity. But when today's Christianity was created some 100 years after the death of Jesus, they need a martyr and then Jesus was a good alternative. I think Christianity as it works today was created by merchants who needed cheap labor. But getting people to work hard for very little reimbursement is difficult, so they have to create something that everyone is so afraid that it could make them merciless to the merchants.


Discussing this with a believer is like striking the head in the wall. They can not discuss religion because they are too brainwashed for it. But we have freedom of opinion and as a citizen in a country with freedom of speech, it is my right to believe what I want. And we have freedom of expression and then I can tell you how I experience this with how some created Christianity.

I have written the following text seriously but with a cheeky humor, as an instruction book for those who wish to create their own religion.

Christian people often see religion as the most logical, so I have used their logical approach in this text.

You start by creating two nothing, a good nothing and an evil nothing.

How to create nothing that is evil or good you have to figure out yourself, or talk to a priest, they are experts in the field of nothing.


Then you write a instruction book describing to all logical people that if they believe in the good nothing, then the logical people will live in the home of good nothing when the logical people no longer exist. And if the logical people believe on the evil nothing, then the logical people will live in the home of the evil nothing, when the logical people no longer exist. The good essence of the task is to make sure that the logical people are always doing well, and the task of the evil nothing is to only scare all the logical people that if the logical people do not believe in the good nothing, then the logical people will live with it evil nothing, when the logical people no longer exist, and nobody wants that.

The good nothing never accepts any criticism if things do not become as logical people think that the good nothing has said it will be. Then the good nothing just says that the logical people must have believed in the evil nothing for a while and then the logical man blames himself. Because if the logical people believes in the evil nothing just for a short while, the logical people will be punished forever. But the logical people is punished even if he does not believe in the evil nothing, because they have not been decided that the logical people was sinful even before the good nothing and the evil nothing were invented so that's why logical people must be punished a little every day anyway until the logical people no longer exist.

Now that you have created something that is nothing but no one dares not believe that nothing is not there, because then they risk to not living with the good nothing when the logical people themselves no longer exist, but are forced to live with the evil nothing at indefinite time when the logical people has ceased to exist.

And this fear and uncertainty where to live when you no longer exist, you can take advantage of the infinity.

For example, you can say that you talked to the good nothing and learned that the good nothing likes to get valuable gifts and that all logical people will give all their valuable items as gifts to the good nothing if they want a chance to live in the home of good nothing when the logical people no longer exist. This is a good idea that you can earn a lot of money. First, you get a lot of valuable things, and secondly, the already poor logical people are even poorer and more in need of obeying the good nothing and working even harder without wage so you get richer.

If the logical people would get their very valuable gifts that they give to the good nothing, do not get the good nothing but stay with you then you can solve it by building a house of gold where the logical people can leave their precious things while knowing that they are born sinful and shall be punished forever. Then, the logical people immediately understand that it's really the good nothing that gets all valuable things and you're just an intermediary. And then they will gladly leave all their valuable things in the good nothing's house of gold, and as thanks be laid up for being born sinful.

Or one can say that the good nothing has said that if the logical people kill other logical people in a war, then all the logical people get to the home of the good nothing earlier and do not have to wait for so long that they no longer exist. But since there is only a good nothing that only has a lot of different names, both sides of the logical people in the war think that only they got the conversation from the good nothing that they are welcome to live in the home of good nothing when all the logical people have killed each other. So then all those who have killed each other now live together in the home of good nothing, when none of them exists anymore. And how good is that you can ask yourself.

Since the good nothing and the evil nothing has been created to make the logical people happy to work hard without being paid, it is important that the good nothing can convince the logical people not to think of anything but to work hard.

If you notice that the logical people care about each other and love each other without offspring, it is something that can distract the logical people so they can not work hard without pay. So you explain to the logical people that the good nothing has meant that the logical people can not love one another or have sex if it's not for make children, preferably boys because they can work harder. In addition, women can not work as much as the good nothing wants because they will be pregnant until they get the workable boys. And in order to prevent the logical people from enjoying love and sex with anyone without having children, the good nothing does not determine that to have sex, all love other than between a man and a woman is sinful because love alone lead to children being bred, especially boys. The merchants know from their own experience that the logical people quickly get tired of having sex with the same person for an entire lifetime, so that logical people stop having sex after a while and then the logical people can work even harder for even less pay.

All of this may seem like a crazy project that will never be successful. For what logical person would go on something so crazy. All logical people quickly realize that when they no longer exist, they no longer need to worry about anything further, especially not where they will live when they no longer exist.

However, it has proven to be a very effective method of scaring logical people with, and capable of working for more than 2,000 years so far.

The people with this kind of logic I call Zombies. They can not think of themselves, because they have stopped believing in themselves. They must believe in something else that can believe in them, so that they can survive everyday life.

I understand that belief is a way to deal with the unavoidable death. But I do not understand how to be so fanatic that one's faith becomes a conscious truth, even though nobody can know anything about it.

Many of these fanatics live according to the principle that the majority are always right. Therefore, they must have as many as possible to believe the same as they themselves believe. Because if only one believes, it is not certain that there is any good nothing, but if everyone believes that, then there is a great chance that there is a really good nothing they can live with when they no longer exist.

The problem is just that everyone believes in the same thing that nobody knows if there really is. But everyone interprets everyone who believes in different ways, but everyone wants everybody else to interpret the good nothing in the same way they themselves do and then everything is just a confused chaos. In order not to risk that someone else's interpretation gets majority and thus becomes the correct interpretation, they must kill everyone who does not believe the same way they themselves do, if they do not want to change, which is a small chance they want because everyone believes that their own interpretation is the right one. And then everyone will kill everyone, that's why most wars have started because of religion.

Would not it be better for everyone to start believing themselves instead and accepting the fact that we only have a short time in life and what happens afterwards, expands time, but until then live together in peace and make life on earth to ours conscious paradise?

A remarkable thing about the good nothing is that he created the perfect and logical man, as an image of himself, and placed the logical man on earth. But then, when the logical people already lived on earth, the good nothing saw his terrible mistake. How could he miss this? And now it was too late for the good nothing to change something so he must ask the logical people for help, and after the good nothing have explained to the logical people about the malicious mistakes he has made, the logical people understand the good nothing terrible mistake and promise the good nothing that from this moment and forever they will cut off the little skinny bit on boys and girls genitals. And everyone can take it out, it could have become such a crazy world if it had to be left.

The only religions of all kinds really succeed are to make love, sex and naked bodies ugly, disgusting and sinful, which will be prevented in the longest. But war, killing and violence have been made beautiful and should be encouraged. Why do not logical people think of anything like that?

And this sentence says a lot about the good nothing all zombies believe in:


You can kill one of the same sex in the name of God, but

you can not love one of the same sex in the name of god.


And that the good nothing you call God is a dictator, expressly he says that you should not believe in anyone other God than him if you want a small chance to live in the home of good nothing when the logical people no longer exists.

But a true real good nothing should be so good that logical people believe in him without dictatorial methods like coercion, threat and death if they do not sound believing he is safe. Unconditional love is the finest and most genuine love, but the good nothing sets too many conditions to get a share of his goodness. Christian says, do you want help? Then I'll help you, but only if you believe in the same good nothing I believe in and interpret him the same way I do.

And I find it hard to see poor people pay their last money to already rich churches so that they can build even more expensive churches that the poor people can go to and know that they are still sinful. And the only thing the poor can possibly get back from the church is a small watery soup out in town, when they can no longer pay for food, because the immensely rich church constantly demands more and more money. And the church is happy to show off its love and goodness in the media, where the poor stand and bend deeply When the rich church throws them some old bread crumbs that they themselves received from other people (to use funds from their own treasure chest is out of the question.) And the poor are expected to be forever grateful that the church was so kindly friendly. The church has always been on the merchants ' side and it's no wonder because it was the merchants who created Christianity.

When people ask me what I believe in , I say "myself." I'm my own God, and if you fail to believe in yourself, but feel like you need someone else to believe, you're welcome to believe in me, and if all people believe in me, I have to be sure that I exist, and it's good to know. And it's clear that you can live with me when you no longer exist because I have no home so I have how much space for those who no longer exist.

The Bible contains 6 admonishments of homosexuals and 362 admonishments of heterosexuals. So with the Christian's logic, who is most normal?

And if someone would see that two people of the same sex hold each other, it's close to the world collapsing and the Christians in the world are afraid that they will not live in the home for good nothing when they are no longer exist.

Therefor it is better to kill all the gay and all other who is not the same as any other. But everyone thinks different so then all must die until there is only one left who may stay with the good nothing when he no longer exists, free from sin. :) And all this we do for the God's sake. But why believe in a good nothing that requires us to kill each other in order to stay with him when we no longer exist?

Another interesting thing I wondered is if you can pray for forgiveness for your sins on the last day and then, despite your sinful life, may come and live in the good nothing house when you no longer exist. Why should you then spend all of your short life sitting in churches and praying. If you get the last chance you can live so sincerely you want until you no longer exist.

Gods die when no one believes in them, to stop believing in God is the best path to liberation.

When people do not understand, then it will be religiously. Such as why our brain works. For the religious, it is the soul, but then what is the soul? For me it is a chemical reaction that makes the brain works, and that we live at all.

And the Christians claim that God created all things on Earth and that is why it is such diversity. But it is wrong. There is no diversity, and it also shows that life only works one way. All the creatures of the Earth works in the same way, animals and plants. So it is not much of diversity. They have dressed their machines in different clothes, but inside the shell it is the same for everyone.


The world is crazy.