My thoughts

My thoughts

Wise thoughts that I picked up from time to time, or that I came up with myself.

Don't let power and money identify you.
Your identity comes from your brain.

Pandemics will grow as long as man is selfish and greedy.

Nothing can destroy the power of my soul.

Born free, pay taxes till death.

Losing someone who loves you

is worse than losing someone you love.

The important thing is not how you feel, but how you deal with it.

If you only see with your eyes, you lose 75% of the picture.

You are not always right, just because you are rich

Odd things are often seen as threats

Capitalism means that man exploits the system,
Socialism means that the system exploits people.

Whoever gets power usually wants more.
But power is only for those who can stoop to carry it.
Some need the title of leader in order for people to follow them.
But the real leader is followed without a title.
Leaders are not something you become by education, force or inheritance.
Leaders are born to be leaders.

Many are searching for the meaning of life.

Stop searching and just exist because there is no other meaning to life than that we exist.

Just try to pass the time between birth and death with something fun.

Don't take everything so seriously.

Rumors are toys for the unintelligent.

Regardless of the species, there are only two varieties.
Those who think only of themselves and those who think of others.

The first kind are those who always somehow get into trouble.

These should be locked up, They make up about 80% of life on earth.

He who does not respect himself,
can't respect others either.

If you are not being born, you are busy dying.

Evolution = Adaptation.

Only he who rules his own time, is rich.

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

The one without need, can never become a puppet.

There is only one way to get rid of all kinds of crime.

Make sure that all people are well, have a job with a livable income, get good health care and a good pension.

People who feel good don't become criminals.

A lie is always true to the receiver.
A lie is always true to those who believe it.
God is a lie that many people believe.
Therefore the lie becomes true for them.

Where brawn kills 1, wisdom kills 100

A sudden event from life always happens spontaneously, therefore the story becomes illogical, improbable and incoherent.
A planned event from life is never spontaneous, therefore the story becomes logical, probable and coherent.
Authorities want logical, probable and coherent stories, therefore the legal system does not work.

Development is not making products that destroy the planet, to make more money than can be disposed of.
Development is when the entire population of the earth lives in freedom and has good health and realistic prosperity.
Therefore, the earth is a developing planet.

Hoping for a life after death is unfortunately just a wish to live forever.
But unfortunately, when you are dead, you no longer exist, neither on earth nor anywhere else.
So what you do while alive will be neither good nor bad when you die.
So basically you can do whatever you want while you live.
The only thing you should worry about is not living the life you were given,
because you choose to do something others don't like so they lock you up.
So if you just stay on your side and avoid trouble with others, everything will be fine.

I don't have a problem with God, it's his fan club I can't stand.

Run fast and smile a lot and no one will have time to see how ugly you are.

We don't climb mountains for the world to see us, but for us to see the world..

You're not an adult until you can be
childish without feeling shame.

A selfless act creates ripples on the water

Love has neither age nor gender. Love is limitless. But it is the fear of others that prevents true love when it is different.
Love and sex are two completely different things that many people confuse.

Life is a mystery to be experienced,

not a problem to be solved.

There are no problems, only challenges

Courage is not not being afraid, courage is daring to be afraid but still solve the situation.

It is not a self-evident right to have friends or to be loved, just because you were born.

The most fearful becomes a dictator.
The invisible become visible by following the dictator.

Fate is the result of one's own follies.

The most interesting things happen at thresholds.

Power is always dangerous because power attracts the worst to corrupt the best.

You cannot judge others until you have examined yourself and found yourself completely blameless.

Man can judge but not activate the judgment.

Why are adults always portrayed as idiots in children's movies.

Why antennas looking for intelligent life are always pointed away from Earth.

You don't need to know every little detail about someone if you already look into the heart.

They can never be controlled that has no needs.

There is nothing that is impossible,

what you see as the impossible is only a possibility that you have not yet understood.

When you become seriously ill, it means that you have to repay the debt from the future in advance.

Too often people know, even though they don't.

The biggest reason people believe in gods is the fear of dying. Many people wish for eternal life, but then they haven't really thought it through. For an eternal life also becomes a lonely life in the future, flying alone in the universe when the earth once ceases to exist. And a sad life when everyone around you dies.
Another reason to believe in gods is the housing situation when one no longer exists. If you believe in a god, you get to live with him when you no longer exist, and that seems to make people calm. All believers want to go to heaven, but no one wants to die. It does not add up. If I had been as strongly religious as many are, I would have killed myself a long time ago, why stay in life if death is better? But the believers do not, which shows that the faith is not that strong.

Facebook/ Meta as in 'we are a cancer of democracy metastasizing into a global surveillance and

propaganda machine to strengthen authoritarian regimes and destroy civil society' ... to make a profit!”.

After all these years on planet earth, I still think humans are strange creatures, I don't understand how they think.

The only thing I've been thinking about lately is that this mission is totally pointless and I want to get home now.

Aspergers syndrome

I like to live and I have no problem being alone, I do not need other people. And I do not understand them.

I often feel like I came from another planet and crash-landed on Earth, this totally incomprehensible planet and I can not repair my spaceship so I can come home again. Here live creatures who seem to do everything to harm each other and who have a crazy desire for special pieces of paper and pieces of metal and for these they can even kill each other to gain access. They speak incomprehensibly, say half sentences, then it is meant to be understood what they do not say.

Asperger's was counted until 2015 as a separate diagnosis and therefore lives on as a concept, but formally the syndrome is now included in what is called the Autism Spectrum Disorder (AST.)

Symptoms of Asperger's syndrome

The diagnosis Asperger's syndrome was used for people with normal or high aptitude who did not show as severe symptoms of communication difficulties as people with Autism. Common to everyone with Asperger's Syndrome is that the left hemisphere is dominant.

Typical symptoms for the diagnosis of Asperger's were, for example:

Difficulties in social interaction, avoidant behavior or inability to make social contacts. The difficulties are rooted in a lack of social empathy, which includes difficulties in understanding how others think, feel and what the unspoken signals in the interaction mean.
Special limited interests. It is common for people with Asperger's to learn everything in a certain area where there are many facts to take in.
Need for strict routines. Can express himself in the form that things must be done in the right order, and in the same way. People with Asperger's often have great difficulty with flexibility and breaking their habits and routines, it creates anxiety, frustration and irritation. The behavior can turn into coercion.

Difficulty understanding humor, irony and parables. People with Asperger's often have a large vocabulary and linguistic security. They can be perceived as old-fashioned in their way of speaking, and have an unusual use of language. The difficulty lies in understanding the underlying messages, irony, metaphors and interpreting body language, where people with Asperger's often interpret things literally.
Motor clumsiness. Stiff body language, poor coordination of movements and clumsy motor skills are common.
Sensitivity to sound, light, touch and tastes. May consist of increased sensitivity to impressions, decreased sensitivity to impressions or inability to sort impressions.

What is Asperger's?

Asperger's or AS is a shorter term for Asperger's syndrome, a neuropsychiatric condition that is now part of what is known as autism spectrum disorder.

Why is it called Asperger's Syndrome?

The syndrome was named after the pediatrician Hans Asperger who described the condition in a scientific article published in German in 1944, during World War II. The article was not widely circulated or read. In the 1970s, the British psychiatrist Lorna Wing introduced the term Asperger's syndrome, referring to the symptoms described in Hans Asperger's article.

How do you know if you have Asperger's?

If Asperger is suspected, there are tests that in combination with a more comprehensive investigation can determine if you have a diagnosis and what help you need.

Many people have Asperger's Syndrome without knowing it, because Asperger's is between Autism and Normal, there is a big gap in between and those with milder Asperger's are closer to Normal and thus others perceive them more as a bit odd normal.

Aspergers is a congenital defect and therefore becomes a Syndrome. It is thus not a disease as it is described in many other countries, so it is good not to be content with a description, but to get information from different sources. The difference between a Syndrome and a disease is that the Syndrome is a genetic congenital abnormality and can not be cured, it can be improved but not with medication and intervention but with learning. While a disease that can also be both genetic and congenital can usually be cured with medication and surgery.

And a syndrome is not as contagious as a disease can be. However, a Syndrome can be inherited genetically and then usually in the third generation.

Having Asperger's Syndrome is usually not a big problem, many people who have it absolutely do not want to get rid of it, and it may be because it is more of a help than a problem to have Asperger's.

Asperger's Syndrome in working life

In addition, many companies only employ people who have Asperger's, especially in IT, for example in computer game programming and the like.

The advantages many companies see with people with Asperger's Syndrome are that they are analytical and logical, they have the ability to see details, focus, think in other paths and take on repetitive routine work, they see details and solutions quickly yet they have good language comprehension.
The disadvantage of them is that they can become stressed if they are disturbed, therefore a separate work environment is preferable, tasks. They have an extremely good memory for things that interest them, such as codes, which is extremely important in the IT industry and they are perfectionists.

Some examples of companies that only employ people with Asperger's Syndrome are:

Left is right, Sweden.

Unicus, Sweden.

VSOP, Sweden.

Novare Peritos, Sweden.
The Specialists, Denmark.

And some examples of companies who are more than willing to employ people with Asperger's Syndrome:

Microsoft, USA

SAP, Germany.

Freddie Mac, USA

Ford, USA.

Ernst and Young, USA.

Walgreens, USA.